Day 3217: Empathic

Yesterday, when I was considering and experiencing the pros and cons of being empathic, I asked this question on Twitter:

Some people didn’t know the definition of empathy, so I shared this:

Some people wanted to know the difference between empathic and empathetic, so I shared this:

How empathic are you about my other images for today?

The Daily Bitch isn’t very empathic, but I still love her.

And for those of you are empathic about our kitty Joan in the cone, you are not alone. My good news is that the cone is probably coming off tomorrow!

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “empathic”:

Empathic thanks to all those who took the time to visit here today, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 3217: Empathic

  1. barbaralipps8

    Thrilled to hear about Joan’s cone coming off, hopefully, tomorrow!

  2. More empathy, more love, sounds good to me!

  3. That is great news about Joan! Like you, she ha survived 100% of her worst days

  4. I have a feeling that I’m more an empath than I admit. I’m always trying to block the vudu coming at me! ‘Cept your blog, of course!

  5. I think I’m not very empathetic, much as I want to be, but then every time I see Joan in her cone I feel sad for her, so I must be somewhat sensitive. And it makes me so happy that it will be coming off soon.

  6. I am definitely an empath and it’s a challenge to remain balanced at times. I am sensitive to animal suffering, too, and although Miss Joan doesn’t seem to be suffering, I do really feel for her. And you, too! It must be getting quite hard to watch her cope. I do hope your entire household has a wonderful weekend, Ann.

    • I definitely appreciate your empathy, Debra, and I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that our new vet says that Joan’s cone can come off!

  7. I am an empath and it is very challenging at times to carry the feelings of others along with my own. I’ve learned to put some things down, but I am a work in progress, as we all are. I am so happy to see the light on the horizon for Joan.

  8. I am more empathetic than sympathetic – that helps me to be more objective when necessary

  9. I am very, very happy for Joan and you and Harley and Aaron to have a coneless household, Ann!

  10. I think I am about a 46.9 for empathy on the scale that I just made up this moment, rounded up for Saturday.

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