Day 3216: Great gifts

Last night, after turning off the Red Sox game, I asked this question about great gifts on Twitter:


According to the 5 Love Languages on-line quiz, gifts are not a great gift for me.


Since I didn’t get the great gift of a Red Sox win last night, I guess words of affirmation would be a great gift for me, here and now.

Do you see any great gifts in my other images for today?


I think it’s time for me to order myself the great gift of next year’s Daily Bitch Calendar.

I hope you appreciate the gift of the animated short “The Gift.”


I look forward to the great gift of your comments and please accept the great gift of my gratitude for your visit to my blog, today.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3216: Great gifts

  1. puella33

    Living by the ocean is a great gift, Have a nice day, Ann

  2. Can you imagine the Daily Bitch living non-judgementally for a year? What would her daily calendar posts look like? What might she change her name to? The Reformed Daily Bitch? The Daily Bloop?

  3. At first I misread one of the day’s events as Get Smart Day, which would be a great gift.

  4. I love it all but the calendar page made me laugh:). And that’s a darn good gift!

  5. a great gift for me would be a surprise act of service, just because

  6. May you and I both be gifted with a wonderful weekend, Ann.

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