Day 3213: What would you expect?

What would you expect from a blog post with this title?

What would you expect from a blog post written by somebody who often says, “It’s never what you expect”?

What would you expect me to eat on National Pasta Day (yesterday)?

What would you expect me to do if our cat Joan showed up unexpectedly without her cone (which she’s been wearing for weeks because of a persistent skin problem)?

I don’t know if this is what you would expect, but I watched her like a hawk for four hours yesterday to make sure she didn’t lick the infected area.

What would you expect Joan to do and feel when we put the cone back on her?

Joan seems to expect that the cone is going to come back on and doesn’t fight it at all. I didn’t expect Harley (who hisses and growls at Joan quite frequently) to get so close to her yesterday!

What would you expect from my other images for today?

What would you expect me to do on National Chocolate Cupcake Day?

What would you expect me to find on YouTube if I searched for “what would you expect?”

What would you expect at the end of my blog posts?

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29 thoughts on “Day 3213: What would you expect?

  1. I expect good things from the Harley-Joan relationship as time winds on, Ann.

  2. Joan would feel she had been collared

  3. Now that is a difficult question, which is pretty much what I expected!

  4. Debbie T

    Maybe it’s just the angle of the photo, but I think that in the first view of Joan wearing the cone again, she looks very annoyed.

  5. Magali

    Good 😊 Joan is free 😊

  6. Luis Del Castillo

    I expect an awesome blog, and I’m never disappointed …. and of course the Daily Bitch calendar

  7. I am so used to seeing Joan with a cone that when I unexpectedly came across the first photo of Joan without one, I felt a burst of happiness for her. She seems comfortable with the cone, but one day soon she will be free of it, and it was such a happy sight to catch a glimpse of that future

  8. puella33

    Joan feels protected behind your television.I expect that’s her new hideaway.

  9. I’d expect nothing less!

  10. I’d expect Joan to say, “I do what I want!” But then I like to expect the unexpected.

  11. i’d expect joan to soon become queen with her elizabethan collar and attitude.

  12. I always expect to smile when I read your posts, Ann. Also, I expect to wish I had that beautiful dinner as well. Little Joan is a real trooper! I do expect that once entirely collarless, she will continue to be the focus of your attention!

  13. I worry a bit about Joan, not so much about the collar, but that she may have PTSD and that it could take longer for her to heal both physically and mentally. Is there anywhere in your house where perhaps she could take more sun.

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