Day 3212: Records

Last night, I asked this question about records on Twitter:

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but people share the most amazing thoughts and experiences when they feel safe enough to do so. I also tweeted about these records:

I might also break a record for posting the most photos of places and creatures I love in a blog.

I love imagining breaking the record for most pasta eaten on National Pasta Day.

Here’s the first 45 record I can remember playing over and over again on our record player when I was kid:

If you were to make it into the Guinness Book of Records, what record would you be breaking? For the record, any comment below will do.

Maybe I’ll break the record for most consecutive thank you’s ever expressed in a blog with this post!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3212: Records

  1. Green onions is a record to record more innocent days. Always happy to be reminded of those!

  2. I would tie the world record for never holding a world record, Ann. A lifetime!

  3. Surely Joan deserves a record!

  4. The only record I think I’m in danger of breaking is an old Kinks record a friend gave me. That same friend just turned fifty and I wasn’t able to celebrate with him because of the pandemic, so we said this is a Mulligan Birthday.

  5. When I saw “records” in your title, I immediately jumped to vinyl 🙂 I have a large collection and I regularly enjoy many of the albums…or records. I may have a record, as you’re referring to the word, for the number of books I have donated and then changed my mind and purchased a second time. Guilty!

  6. flamin’ hot cheeto speed eating

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