Day 3209: What’s a perfect gift for you?

Last night, after a day of many gifts, I asked this question on Twitter.

My perfect gift of a friend and college roommate, Marcia, gave me those chocolates when she visited us with her daughter Ellen and her son-in-law, Tim.

My perfect gift of a husband, Michael, took those two photos. Spending time with wonderful people you cherish and love is always a perfect gift.

Earlier in the day, I received the gift of a text from our vet saying that Joan the cat’s skin problem was looking much better (but not perfect).

The vet suggested that we get this product …

… to spray on Joan to prevent her from licking herself there, so we could give her the perfect gift of removing her cone.

Joan thought the Bitter YUCK was perfectly tasty, so the perfect gift of throwing away that cone is going to have to wait.

Joan is the perfect gift, cone and all.

Do you see any perfect gifts in my other images for today?

Desserts and being free sound like perfect gifts to me.

Here’s “Gift of a Friend” by Demi Lovato, which I think is perfect for this blog post.

What’s the perfect gift for you?

Many thanks for the perfect gift of your visit here, today!

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21 thoughts on “Day 3209: What’s a perfect gift for you?

  1. Catching your blog before I really start getting ready for work this morning was a great gift, Ann. Knowing that my dear wife Karen is returning home from Pennsylvania a day early and will be getting here tonight is a perfect gift!

  2. Spending time with family and friends is the perfect gift for me. Check out what a perfect gift a visit to the Swiss cow farm was yesterday … I posted pictures in FB. Add great raclette cheese and extra special Swiss wine to the event and the gift doesn’t get much better! (Glad your kitty’s skin problem is improving). Another perfect gift is the generosity & love of friends who are keeping our dog for us in Montana while we enjoy freedom to travel in Europe. Ah, life is full of gifts!!

  3. Maureen

    Joan is pretty awesome. Maybe when she tasted the yucky skin treatment she decided to work all the harder to clean it off, to be well-groomed in her new home.

    Those chocolates have a very elegant box.

  4. Oh goodness. Dear sweet Joan. I still ❤ Joan but really?? And delightful post today as always.

    • It’s always a gift to see you here, Babsje!

      • What a kind comment, thanks Ann. I’ve been here so long that I remember when your blog name had Year singular in the title instead of Year(s). 😊

      • I love that you’ve been here so long with me!

      • Thanks. I don’t know how you do it – I tried posting once a day for one month years ago and it about did me in. But here you are day in and day out publishing both good photos and commentary year after year. Your Super Powers are extraordinary.

      • It’s my morning meditation. Blogging helps me clear out my mind and prepares me to face the day ahead.

      • That’s lovely. For me, it’s coffee. I think you’re onto something better. 😊

      • 💕

  5. family and friends time, and a hot cup of coffee

  6. I tend to be quiet, so some people find me uncomfortable to be around. (Paranoia! One person confessed they thought I was planning something about them!) Other people assume (because I don’t have an idiot smile on my face when I’m in a quiet mode….) I am unhappy, so they tell me things like “Smile! You’ll feel better!” which pisses me off, and puts me in a bad mood as often as not.

    The perfect gift for me would be those around me understanding my quiet mode isn’t unpleasant for me, nor is it something they need to worry about or change! In fact, I am quite comfortable being quiet in my own thoughts. Frankly, while I enjoy being around people, if I were placed in a world with no one around, I’d be very comfortable for long periods of time – months long, perhaps. Just leave me my cat. LOL!

  7. The gifts of friendship mean a great deal to me! And I’m so glad you’ve had an opportunity to visit with your college roommate and her family. Lovely photo, Ann!

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