Day 3203: When and where?

Last night, when I had completed a very long work day (including facilitating two remote therapy groups where we discussed COVID, family issues, the past, the present, and the future), I tweeted this:

When somebody asked about my answer to that question, this is where I went:

When and where did I capture the other images in today’s blog?

We now know where the Daily Bitch is going, but we don’t know when.

When you looked at those photos, did you notice that Joan is now getting breaks from the cone? When her skin problem is healed, she’ll be where she needs to be to be totally cone-free!

I just took that photo in the room where I’m blogging.

Regarding the when and where of most of today’s photos: Yesterday I went to CVS and Marshall’s where I bought an ace bandage and a baby onesie for Joan. When Joan is without the cone, she prevents her skin from healing by licking where the problem is. When we tried the other solutions , Joan let us know where she is on this issue — she definitely prefers the cone!

This is the song that takes me back to when I was young and where there were transistor radios, a different kind of cone (ice cream), the sun, and the sea.

When and where might you leave a comment?

When you get to the end of my blog posts, that’s where you find my gratitude.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3203: When and where?

  1. The sight of Joan without her cone (if briefly) makes me happy. It was so inventive of you to try a onesie on her.

    Lots of songs bring me back to different times that seem long ago and somehow like just today. “I Got You, Babe” brings me back to my childhood, and suppers with my parents in front of the tv.

  2. Glad Joan is getting better!

  3. Amazingly Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour” also takes me back to a very specific time when my friends and I would gather around the TV to watch SNL while our parents played bridge downstairs. And we all waited patiently for whatever Eddie Murphy was going to do next.

  4. So happy to learn that Miss Joan gets even temporary reprieves from her cone. She will feel so free when no longer collared!! After such a busy week with heavy group therapy topics, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend. When and where? Now and wherever you are! 🙂

  5. joan-no-cone is a good thing, even if just for a little while. baby steps…. i agree with debra above, when and where are now and wherever.

  6. All I know is -La-La Means I Love You 1968 Delfonics

  7. ‘Rosalita’ takes me back to my high school Spanish class when my school mate Margie spun her record for show and tell in Miss Carroll’s class and the magical thoughts and sounds of Bruce Springsteen entered my world for the very first time. The most important musical relationship of my life had begun.

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