Day 3200: Transformative experiences

We’ve all had transformative experiences — events that fundamentally change us.

Last month, I had a conversation about these transformative experiences with my son Aaron. He defined these experiences as demarcation points, where you know that you were different before and after they occurred. He could identify one transformative experience in his life so far and I could identify two in mine — one of which was his arrival on this earth 23 years ago. (The other was my first heart surgery at age 10 on November 22, 1963 — the day President Kennedy was assassinated.)

Apparently, I have provided a sort of transformative experience for some of my clients. My annual review, which I saw yesterday, quotes people saying that therapy with me has been “life changing.” That felt transformative to me.

I don’t expect that looking at the images in today’s blog will be a transformative experience, but who knows?

I think our new cat Joan’s arrival has been a transformative experience for Harley. Here’s Joan …

… still waiting for the transformative experience of being rid of that ?&&@!! cone!

Here’s something I find on YouTube when I search for “transformative experiences.”

Consider transforming this blog by leaving a comment about transformative experiences, below.

Gratitude always transforms my day into a better one, so thanks for sharing my experience, here and now.

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22 thoughts on “Day 3200: Transformative experiences

  1. barbaralipps8

    Loved that Ted Talk on Empathy and co-creating empathy in our relationships. Thank you!

  2. Debbie T

    Congrats, Ann, on such positive feedback from your group therapy participants. How rewarding!

  3. Really loved the Ted Talk! One the most transformative experiences I’ve had happened during a hypnosis session. I was working with a woman who was helping me lose weight, and at one point she asked me if I wanted to go to my happy place I’d created earlier in the session, or did I want to go to a new one? In that moment I had a very unexpected metaphysical experience that healed me of all shame. It changed my life.

  4. One of my kids is overseas for a new job right now, and just told me that she blew a fuse providing power to about half the hotel, when the plug converter she plugged into the wall broke into socket. Her transformative travel experience was briefly transformative for the whole building.

  5. Anne, this line stands out: “science didn’t lie to you, it only learned more.” No truer statement. For science is the tool of discovering and uncovering the objective truth of that which already exists in it’s nature and purpose. As mathematics teacher I know that math can be manipulated. And science can’t be done without math. Therefore the integrity of science as math is dependent on the integrity of mathematicians and scientists. And those professionals who have bent to politics have lost their integrity and so too is lost the integrity of their disciplines.

  6. puella33

    I think meeting certain meaningful people in my life has transformed me and see the world from a better perception.

  7. Aaron’s definition of what a transformative experience delineates is really perfect. I agree with him. I have a few if I look over the almost 7 decades of my life (yikes!!) but currently, and very clear to me, is my daughter’s cancer experience. To be honest, we will never be quite the same. That may be a good thing. LOL!

  8. I’ve had a number of these over the years, and I see my life as a series of new chapters

  9. I think you know that mine was the death of my first wife.

  10. I have been going through changes in my life, yes, Ann.

  11. I think they also call these “life events’. According to Cambridge Dictionary:

    “life event”
    noun [ C ]
    UK /ˈlaɪf ɪˌvent/ US /ˈlaɪf ɪˌvent/

    “a very important event in someone’s life, such as marriage, the birth of a child, or the death of a family member: Moving house can be a very stressful life event.”

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