Day 3199: Find your happy place

Yesterday, when I was at a local mall, happy to be masked, fully vaccinated, and picking up my new replacement phone at the Apple store, I saw this:

I find my happy place at home, at work, on this blog, on Twitter, and, always, with people and other creatures I love.

Can you find happy places in my other images for today?

Believing that report about COVID from today’s New York Times helps me find my happy place.

Listening to this yesterday when I was taking my daily walk helped me find my happy place:

I hope you find your happy place in the comments section, below.

Gratitude always helps me find my happy place, so thanks to all who are visiting today’s happy blog post, including YOU!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3199: Find your happy place

  1. Our happy place was made even happier today by the visit of a Sparrowhawk to the garden, the second in 4 days. It swiftly became a not so happy place for all the other birds!

  2. I had a very good weekend with my dear wife Karen, in a very happy place with the nickname Happy Valley Pa, Ann.

  3. puella33

    I see a “happy place” in your first picture with the graceful roses lying on the black iron fence.

  4. I believe everyone’s blog should be their own happy place, but your blog is also a happy place for me.

  5. I see so many happy places in your photos today, and one little unhappy face – Joan’s. so many happy places to be discovered

  6. There’s something so medieval about Joan and the collar, yet I think of it as a Picasso harlequin and the blue period? A ‘happy’ place is one with lots of flowers, plants and nature.

  7. My happy place is at the beach. I have been really sad/angry about our local off-shore oil spill, a true eco-disaster. But my inspiration is Jane Goodall who speaks to me about staying focused on what we can do, not what isn’t going well. I have had to breathe deep this week!

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