Day 3194: Limericks

We’re all dealing with challenging times,

Disheartening, arduous climbs,

With problems so deep,

Disrupting our sleep,

Take a break and please check out my rhymes:

A pretty young kitty named Joan,

Helps this writer feel safe, less alone.

She’s got talents galore

Which she’s getting known for,

Caught a mouse despite wearing this cone!

A therapist/blogger named Ann,

Shares what’s helpful as best as she can.

Photos, thoughts, songs, some tips,

Acceptance for slips,

And delish dishes cooked up by her man.

A calendar — The Daily Bitch,

Occupies an interesting niche.

With thoughts bold and sassy,

Funny, not classy,

For me, she makes every day rich.

Each day I think there’s a lot

To celebrate, cheerful or not.

On this precious day,

What’s coming my way

Is a Pfizer COVID booster shot!

Because the negative sticks,

Staying positive’s a challenging mix,

With a hug and a kiss

Here and now I’ll share this,

Michael Palin reading his limericks!

This blogger, whatever her mood,

Whether she’s cheered or she’s booed,

When it comes to the end

On her you can depend,

To express her sincere gratitude.

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37 thoughts on “Day 3194: Limericks

  1. Thank you for your delightful limericks Ann….

  2. National Coffee Day!!! I’ll get on that right away. Great limericks Ann.

  3. Every day I appreciate you,
    And everything you do

    • A wonderful person, Maureen,
      With curiosity obviously keen,
      Makes us all feel so good
      In our own neighborhood,
      Because her kindness can always be seen.

  4. Limericks are my forte
    I try to write several each day
    Lately I’ve lapsed
    and my output’s collapsed
    When I’ll restart I can’t say!

  5. Gene Phillips

    Thanks for the limericks, Ann.

    • An old friend of mind, name of Gene,
      Has a mind that is clever and keen,
      I’m so happy he’s here
      And it’s perfectly clear,
      We share our mutual esteem.

  6. Gene Phillips

    If you see I have unsubscribed, it is only because I am switching emails.

  7. puella33

    You;’re very talented , Ann

  8. The limerick’s something I’ve never tried;
    If I fail it could damage my pride.
    Yet I’ll give it a shot,
    Because, hey, why not?
    And now I don’t know how I should end this.

    • An incredible writer, named Chris,
      Does blog posts, humor, and now this,
      He should be more secure,
      About his talents, I’m sure,
      With all his hits and nary a miss.

  9. I have a smart friend named ann,
    helps others whenever she can.

    full of kindness and witt-ies
    she loves her sweet kitties
    and shares space with her chef of a man.

    • a fabulous person named beth
      blogs and teaches with skills of such breadth.
      the way she embraces
      everything that she faces
      demonstrates a soul of great depth.

  10. See how Joan is so inspiring
    That you’re putting it in writing
    With Harley who’s king,
    Indebted to Oscar’s ring
    Where once, tigers roared, reuniting

    • A wonderful blogger, Maria,
      Had a perspective that was considerably freer,
      She noticed each cat
      Observed this and then that,
      And then shared each enlightening idea.

  11. So you and Joan BOTH have talents I didn’t expect. 🙂 Love your limericks, you talent, you!, and Miss Joan caught a mouse? That took some doing, I’d suspect!

  12. Can’t decide which delights more,
    Your rhymes or responses galore,
    You have such great skill,
    And a powerful will,
    That to this blog I’ll return for shor.
    (Had to use a little slang to score that final rhyme. 😂)

  13. Love your limericks Ann❣️Good luck with your booster today!

  14. Great limericks, Ann. That Joan is something else!

  15. Leon D Fairbanks

    I’ve been trying to remember who said:

    I have a cat
    I’m happy about that

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