Day 3193: One of those days

Yesterday, I had one of those days where everything seemed to go wrong, including

  • lots of trouble locating my reserved parking space for my in-person Monday work at the medical center,
  • temporarily losing my pager,
  • arriving late despite leaving plenty of time to get there early,
  • being continually and inexplicably locked out of using the computer at work, which I need for almost every aspect of my job as a psychotherapist,
  • not receiving an important email that resulted in problems with one of the insurances I take,
  • not being able to locate information needed to fill out a form to rectify the insurance problem,
  • witnessing the pain of many people who were dealing with way more than just one of those days, and
  • confronting all this with a minimal amount of sleep the night before.

When I was on the phone with a help desk person, who was baffled by why I kept getting locked out of using my computer, I told him I was having one of those days. I wondered if he was having one of those days too, but this was one of those conversations where only one of us was doing much talking.

Now I’m writing this wondering if I’m going to have one of those days again today. Here’s one of my thoughts about one of those days — they are much more bearable if there is only one of them.

So many people all over the world are having one of those days, over and over again.

Let’s see how many of my photos reflect one of those days.

Joan continues to have one of those days when she has to wear a cone.
My husband Michael was having one of those days when he was having trouble filleting the skate for this delicious meal. At one point, he stabbed it with his knife and said, “This is for Steve Irwin!”
This was a perfect teabag for me to get after having one of those days.
This was the only question I could think of asking on Twitter at the end of one of those days.
This is going to be one of those days that many people might enjoy celebrating.
The Daily Bitch is remembering one of those days in the long-ago past.

Here’s “One of Those Days” by one of the greats, Weird Al.

Consider leaving one of those comments about this one-of-those-days post, which would make my day.

Even when it’s one of those days, I’m grateful to get another day with people like YOU.

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27 thoughts on “Day 3193: One of those days

  1. Sorry you had such a day, Ann. I often wonder how so many people who have a seemingly endless string of ‘those days’ can keep putting one foot in front of the other. For example, hearing about those poor Haitian refugees on the Mexican border breaks my heart. May today be a better day for you.🥰

  2. I really think there should be a special name for those days, not included in the usual sunday-saturday list.

  3. Fortunately “one of those days” is an infrequent visitor with me.

  4. I hope your help network at the health center uses these next several days to make sure your next in-work Monday is a smooth day, Ann!

  5. I ❤ Joan napping on the steps!

  6. I am so sorry you had a difficult, horrible day yesterday and hope that today is better. I wonder why your computer locked you out and you couldn’t find your parking spot? I hope everyone showed you compassion.

  7. “That’s for Steve Irwin!” Ah, thanks for the first belly laugh of my day, with seems fine so far. Joan looks comfy on the stairs. I hope she can be released soon and you don’t have another one of those days for a long time!!!

  8. puella33

    I’m sorry you had one of those days.. Hopefully, things will be better next Monday

  9. barbaralipps8

    Half your list could qualify for one of those days! Hope you get some uneventful days coming your way.

  10. I’m sorry you had one of those days and glad you included Weird Al, and sorry Michael was having one of those skates. Since I love talking about marine biology, though, I have to say that skates are fascinating creatures and I always find it inspiring to find one of their “mermaid’s purse” egg cases on the beach.

  11. It’s one of those days, I have to adapt more than usual and be resilient.

  12. Yesterday was one of those days when I ended up waiting in line after line. And back in my day we spelled grey: gray.

  13. It’s amazing how a day can snowball downhill! I hope it was just a one day down-turn! 🙂

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