Day 3191: Does that count?

I can’t count the times that people on Twitter have responded to my questions, like this one ….

… with an answer that ends with “Does that count?” Countless people seem to assume I have expectations for what their answers should be, which I don’t. I just want people’s voices and reactions to be counted, with no assumptions about what a good enough answer would be.

Every single time somebody asks that question, I answer, “Everything counts” or “It all counts.”

Everything counts, including all my other images for today.


Does that count if I share, a day late, all the National Days for September 25, since I didn’t notice the full list yesterday?

Okay, say it together with me — “It all counts.”

I was counting on Count Basie to count on YouTube if I searched for “Does that count?”

Does that count if you leave a comment today? It all counts.

Countless thanks to all those who count, including YOU!!

Does it count that there are pancakes in my thank you on National Pancake Day?

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21 thoughts on “Day 3191: Does that count?

  1. The Compliance Officer says “Everything counts!”

  2. When I scroll down through your day in photos, Ann, they always meet my Great Expectations.

  3. I like to play Feist’s counting song for my granddaughter. I sing it inside my head all the time.

  4. Does it count that I don’t just know a line of literature by heart but Joseph Brodsky’s “A Song” in its entirety? Among other poems.

  5. If they’d rather die, then they should do so and decrease the surplus population.

  6. Carla Coco

    The concert looks like fun.

  7. It counts that there were beautiful clouds, flowers and landscapes on that day.

  8. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…”

    I have been quoting this for almost two years now. I find myself thinking it almost daily. I ought to memorize the rest of it, but this seems to fit the times, don’t you think? And I love your response to “Does that count.” I do think it all counts for something!

  9. it counts that we woke up today

  10. It counts that we find beauty in the simple, everyday things, Ann, and you always do. 🍁☺️

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