Day 3187: Throwing out what no longer fits

Today’s Daily Bitch Calendar is about throwing out what no longer fits.

We all have things that no longer fit — unhelpful thoughts, toxic people, harsh self judgment, second guessing, crippling fears about the future, regrets about the past, hopelessness, body shame, etc. — and wouldn’t it be great to throw those out?

At the end of every therapy group, I invite people to throw out what no longer fits them in a “magic” waste paper basket, which either holds or reduces the power of whatever they throw away. Over the years, people have thrown away a ton of trash in these magic waste paper baskets.

Because all my groups are remote these days, here’s the “home version” of the magic waste paper basket:

Next to the magic waste paper basket is the magic hat, an addition recently suggested by a group member. Out of the magic hat, people can pull whatever they want, like self love, courage, acceptance, strength, and hope.

Do you see anything that fits the magic waste paper basket or the magic hat in my other images for today?

Yesterday, I threw my rough day into the magic waste paper basket and it fit in there just fine.

This is the first thing that comes up on YouTube when I search for “throwing away what doesn’t fit”:

This is the second thing:

What do you need to throw away that doesn’t fit?

Gratitude always fits, so thanks to all who help me create these daily blog posts, including YOU.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3187: Throwing out what no longer fits

  1. There are a lot of fears and worries about the right now that could be tossed, yes, Ann.

  2. I can think of a good few politicians that ought to be thrown out as they have never fitted and never will!

  3. Carla Coco

    I’d like to throw away the Covid – I like to dream big

  4. The other day my neighbor and I started quoting Steven Wright jokes at each other, and he was very impressed that I knew someone (you, Ann!) who’d seen Wright back when he was still a rising star. Throwing things out reminded me of his line, “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?”
    Yes, there are some things I’d like to throw out, but I also think about things I’d like to keep.

  5. I like the sunsets Ann and the portrait of Joan with her tongue. I think Joan is a very photogenic cat and will look great in the future when she gets well because she has beautiful colors and amber eyes, all this to be taken advantage of artistically and creatively with great photos, and you are doing it already. Look at image #2.

    ‘Throwing out what no longer fits’ makes me think of this quote:
    “Shedding off one more layer of skin, Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within.”- Bob Dylan

    Things or thoughts are like layers which may have protected us at some point in our lives, but eventually are shedded to let other things, colors, feelings, or ideas re-emerge creatively and transform lives.

  6. Great topic! Having discovered energy healing just a decade ago, as I’ve healed and changed, so many things have been thrown away including a few friendships that no longer fit. Like a jacket that’s 2 sizes too small they no longer worked for me. Speaking of jackets that no longer work, I was able to give away a jacket to a friend of my husband’s today. (My husband is somewhere between a collector and a hoarder – what would you call it when someone keeps buying things they don’t really need – and don’t have room for – and buys multiples of things they only use for a short time and then refuse to sell or pass on?)

  7. i think joan would like to throw away the cone, but just not quite it’s time to go yet. i’ve learned over the years to throw away what no longer fits (in any meaning) rather than trying to make myself somehow fit into it.

  8. I know that I sure wouldn’t throw out that fantastic dinner, Ann! Just the photo made me hungry! 🙂 But more seriously, I have thrown away so many thoughts, habits, beliefs, tendencies…sadly, even friends, over the last 18 months. I term it “my personal evolutionary shift!” Quite amazing to me!

  9. Thank you, I have had a rough few days and this mindset shift is helpful.

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