Day 3183: Expressing love

There are many ways to express love, as I’m seeing in the hundreds of answers to this question I posted last night on Twitter:


I love to remind people that there are many different ways to express love and that different people have different love languages. No matter what the love language, though, people can express love with patience, commitment, and acceptance of difference. Also, in order to love others better, it’s important to love yourself.

Don’t you love how it’s so easy to sound cliched when you’re expressing thoughts and feelings about love?

Am I expressing love by sharing my other images for today?

The Daily Bitch has an interesting way of expressing love.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “expressing love”:

I also find this:


Blogging is one of my ways of expressing love, so loving thanks to all who find the time to visit, including YOU!

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19 thoughts on “Day 3183: Expressing love

  1. Joan Cone No. 3 is adorable, Ann. I love it.

  2. I do little things for them, unexpected and simple,but they show my caring. I listen, remember details, and ask questions to learn more about them, their story, and what matters to them.

  3. puella33

    I see love by the way you are caring for Joan, your kitten.

  4. Joan doesn’t realize it but that cone is one of your ways of expressing love.

  5. Joan’s collar looks elegantly glamorous. Like Audrey Hepburn on her way to a party.

    Or,I guess, Joan Crawford!

  6. Mainly by listening

  7. That cone is awesome! I express love very openly, because I didn’t feel loved as a child. I make sure my daughter always knows how much I love her😊

  8. I learned the difference between Lacecap hydrangeas and mophead hydrangeas through your image. Lacecap have tiny fertile flower buds in the center, with showy flowers that circle the edge of the flower head. I also like the flying bird with rhinestones at the oriental store.

    I express love though acts of compassion towards either humans or animals and trying to avoid judgements or categorization of behaviors. Joan looks like a Picasso harlequin with the collar.

  9. This is an excellent and important dialogue, Ann. And I love the “happy emotions hack” grid. I need to study that a bit. 🙂

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