Day 3182: Freaking out

Yesterday, I asked this question on Twitter about freaking out:

People were freaking out about many things, including money, health issues, work, family members, relationships, the pandemic, other people’s behaviors, etc., etc., etc. Indeed, some people suggested that a better question might have been “What are you NOT freaking out about right now?”

I didn’t answer my own question, but I was freaking out about our kitty Joan, her ongoing mastitis, and how she outsmarts us and every cone we put on her to promote its healing.

There’s Joan, trying to figure out how she can lick her wounds after my husband Michael tried to adapt her cone with a well-placed paper clip.

When I freak out, it’s usually because I feel helpless, so yesterday I ordered TWO MORE cones in addition to the inflatable cone that’s being delivered today.

Joan’s irritated area extends down into the top of her rear leg, so it’s very difficult to get a cone that completely prevents her from accessing it with her rough kitty tongue. Also, most cat post-surgery body suits don’t cover that area.

Over the past month, as we’ve treated her with antibiotics, applied topical lotion to the area, sent lots of pictures of the area to the vet, and helped Joan adjust to the different types of treatment (while trying to bond with her), we’ve seen the problem area get better and then get worse.

It freaks me out that I know so much about trying to help a cat heal, but we’re still not past this.

When I freak out, Michael tries to calm me by focusing on the positive: she’s not in pain, it’s not going to kill her, and she will get better, even if it takes much longer than we expected.

When I freak out, it also helps me to write about it in this blog. This blog — and all of you — have helped me get through many freak outs over the years.

Let’s see if the Daily Bitch is all about freaking out today.

It is!

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “freaking out.”

What might you be freaking out about right now? Whatever it is, chances are you’re not alone.

I have so much freaking gratitude for all who help me write this daily blog, including YOU!

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17 thoughts on “Day 3182: Freaking out

  1. I know we’re talking cats and dogs here, Ann, but Ellie B always licks and bites herself raw over the legs this time of year and the vet decided it’s seasonal allergies. We have been giving her a new pill from the vet this year that’s kept her from that routine. Could Joan have something similar perhaps?

  2. It is so sad that you have to put cones and collars and body suits on Joan while she is learning to trust you and bond with you. I think that is probably harder on you than on Joan. But I am sure that your care and love for her shine through. I hope that her infection heals as soon as possible. Then, this time will fade from memory. I have found that relationships with cats develop over a long time. Even if they are immediately affectionate, the bond is much deeper a year later, or two. You won’t lose your long term relationship because of a few collars or vet trips, even though it isn’t the kind of welcome you wanted to offer. I hope you can help Joan without freaking out too much

    This makes me think of your parents and you, years ago when you were in the hospital. They were probably freaking out and you really did suffer (much more than Joan is now). But here you are all these years later thanks to your parents’ courage and determination and the necessary treatment. I hope Joan will have a long healthy life with you now. Maybe you are kindred spirits

  3. PS… I am freaking out about a few things, too.

  4. Leon D Fairbanks

    You might consider a hard plastic cone, like they use on dogs.

  5. I’m concerned about Joan’s condition and hope she gets better soon, but I also think a good freak out, like a good cry, can be cathartic.

  6. I put a link to your blog on my post today, Ann. I told my readers that you are one of my favorite bloggers. I hope they will come on over and peruse your posts to see why. I am trying to apply my own advice about stressing less – so I do not freak out as Bob & I prepare for our trip to London and Switzerland next week, It’s a freaky time to try to do any international travel. The restrictions are enough to freak anybody out!!

  7. it’s always freaking something….

  8. It’s not easy to remain calm when someone we love is hurting, and you clearly love little Joan. I understand the freaking out! I think that Michael’s advice is excellent, however. I hope dear Joan is doing better and ready for a new week. No freaking out, hopefully!

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