Day 3181: Self Acceptance

Yesterday, I asked this question about self acceptance on Twitter:

Many people responded about the positive and healing aspects of self acceptance. Some people expressed a belief/fear that if they accepted themselves exactly the way they are, they would stay stuck, be settling for less, and would never change.

My observation and experience is that self acceptance is usually the first step to being balanced, present, and more able to see the way clear to taking the next positive and achievable step towards self improvement.

Personally, I find self acceptance freeing and energizing. Do you see self acceptance in my other images for today?

My sense is that the Daily Bitch accepts herself exactly the way she is.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “self acceptance.”

What are your thoughts and feelings about self acceptance?

Please accept my gratitude for your acceptance, here and now!

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16 thoughts on “Day 3181: Self Acceptance

  1. I hope you always check the stairs for cats before you go down them. (We have to do the same as our cat has suddenly decided stairs are benches. Self acceptance is healing but I don’t want to have to accept broken bones if I can help it!)

  2. with each year, as I grow older, I’ve learned to accept who I am

  3. puella33

    I think the photos of your cats show self acceptance, and it seems as though they’re reciprocating respect and fondness.

  4. Self-acceptance is something I’ve struggled with all my life but you’ve helped me realize that if I accept myself I also accept that I have the strength to make myself a better person.

  5. I do think self-acceptance comes a little easier when we receive positive validation. You have had some positive responses to your Tweets. Your consistency is paying off, Ann!

  6. It may take many years but hopefully we get there with no adverse consequences

  7. I know I need a little polish around the edges, Ann.

  8. A lifetime task it seems.

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