Day 3179: Don’t Give Up

Yesterday, when I went to my medical office to work in-person for the first time in 18 months, I noticed this 2020 Daily Bitch calendar on my desk:

Throughout the day, which was stressful, overwhelming, intimidating, confusing, AND very rewarding, I kept telling myself “Don’t give up.”

“Don’t give up. Even though it feels unfamiliar and scary, you’ve been doing this work long-distance for months.”

“Don’t give up. Working in person is like riding a bicycle. You’ll get used to it really soon.”

“Don’t give up. Everyone is masked and it’s safe enough.”

“Don’t give up. Even though you have an automatic, initial negative response to masks because you can’t see people’s expressions and it reminds you of being in the hospital when you were a kid, it’s going to be okay.”

“Don’t give up, people can connect with each other using their eyes.”

“Don’t give up. Even though there’s a huge file cabinet in your office that you asked to be removed months ago, people can move it out very quickly.”

“Don’t give up. There are lots of great things in your office to help people heal.”

“Don’t give up. Even if you have a momentary sense of panic in the hospital cafeteria, you can express that to a kind server, bond with them and feel sustained for the rest of the day.”

“Don’t give up. In many ways, it’s wonderful to be in the same room with 3-dimensional people.”

“Don’t give up. It will be easier and more familiar from here on out.”

“Don’t give up. At the end of the day you get to go home to be with your husband, your son, and your two cats.”

It’s time for me to give up all the other images for today’s post.

Don’t give up. You don’t have to do all of those things today. And tomorrow is another day.

Here’s “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel, performing live with Tracy Chapman.

Don’t give up on gratitude, which is always here at the end of my posts.

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25 thoughts on “Day 3179: Don’t Give Up

  1. National Ants on a Log Day? Who thought of that? 😀

  2. Over the years I’ve known you, Ann, I’ve never, ever seen you give up.

  3. You were brave yesterday, Ann. You were brave and you showed up. I hope you have a good and sweet and healthy and brave year

  4. I hope they don’t give up on perpetuating National Cream Filled Doughnut day!

  5. Debbie T

    Congrats on getting through that first nerve-wracking day working in person!

  6. puella33

    I\m glad you made it through the day. Some times it’s those little dreams that give us inner strength

  7. I will never give up my belief that must people are innately good

  8. There’s something weirdly delightful to me about National Ants On A Log Day. I also hope going back to work is going well. I thought about you when I saw this:

  9. I hear you💕So happy you didn’t … and made it through the day with more insight and fortitude 🤗

  10. I try to Live Creative on a daily basis.

  11. You can see it as a way of not giving up on your social skills which are stronger than most. Your photography will always help you along the way, but being a group therapist with your expertise is really admirable Ann!

  12. Can’t imagine you giving up, Ann. Clearly not in your DNA. I’m sure today will be easier, and the next even better than that, and before you know it, the weekend will be here and you can regroup. ☺️

  13. You epitome persistence, I believe, Ann! It had to be very eerie to go back to work and find everything as you’d left it!

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