Day 3178: What life is

The Daily Bitch calendar for today is explaining what life is, sometimes.

My late mother (whom I miss even more during the Jewish holidays) used to say “Life is what you make it.”

What life is includes dealing with constant change. Today I am going back to work in-person one day a week and I hope I can adapt to that easily.

Do you see any indications of what life is in my other images for today?

What life is includes joys, sorrows, fears, frustrations, the unexpected, hurts, healing, despair, hope, and obligations. Now I need to give our adopted kitty Joan some treatments for her stubborn mastitis (an inflammation of the breast tissue caused by her nursing her kittens), before I leave for work.

What do you think life is?

Here is “What Life Is” by Rebelution.

What life is includes gratitude for all who help me deal with what life is, including YOU!

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14 thoughts on “Day 3178: What life is

  1. Life is love. Life is wonderful.

  2. Good luck back in the hospital office, Ann. I know you’ll make the most of it and your patients will be quite the better for it!

  3. I hope today is a good day for you and Joan.

  4. My Mom always said that Life is What You Make It. I know that you’ll make the most of your day back at work. I love that it is Nations Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day. I’ve put the challenge out to my granddaughter.

  5. Life is a blessing

  6. I love life’s wondrous diversity. My favorite essay by Stephen Jay Gould is “A Most Ingenious Paradox” about siphonophores which start out as individuals that gather together and each become so specialized they can’t live separately so scientists can’t agree whether they’re a single organism or a collective.
    Not that unlike us, really, although most of us don’t suffer from the paradox of Frederic in Pirates Of Penzance who, having been born on February 29th, has lived 21 years but had only five birthdays.

  7. I see that life goes on….

  8. I see that neither Harley nor Joan wonder what life is, because it seems unable to fit into words nor any sort of linguistic form, even though humans would very much like to think it does.

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