Day 3174: Nagging questions

I’ve been asking lots of nagging questions lately, including these:

  • will you help me do this thing I can’t seem to do on my own?
  • can you help me do that now?
  • when are you going to replace your missing vaccination card?
  • why are technology “improvements” usually so disruptive?
  • have you turned on your new phone yet?
  • should I go to my high school reunion this Saturday?
  • when will people in-person stop looking like germs to me?
  • what did so-and-so mean when they said that?
  • why does the convection oven never cool down?
  • why do I worry so much about stupid things?
  • does worry ever help?
  • when will I feel safe again?
  • what would my late father (born on today’s date) say about the current state of the world if he were alive now?
  • why do the cats keep nagging me to feed them when I just fed them?
  • what are your plans for today?
  • what’s for dinner?

I don’t like being a nag (especially to my son and my husband), but I have all these nagging questions!

I’ve also been asking nagging questions on Twitter. Indeed, one person there called my questions “nosey” (although not about any of these questions):

Here are two more nagging questions: which photo do you like best and why?

Apparently I’m not the only one with nagging questions.

Do you listen to the music I share here on this blog? I don’t mean to nag, but you might really enjoy these two tunes about questions (found here and here on YouTube).

Are you going to comment on this post? When?

No matter what the nagging question, gratitude always seems like a good answer to me, so thanks to all who help me share my nagging questions, including YOU!

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19 thoughts on “Day 3174: Nagging questions

  1. I ask myself what my father would think about the state of things all the time. Before he died (2014), I asked him what change in his lifetime was most amazing or surprising. I expected he would say something about advances in medicine, civil rights, social acceptance, computers… he said, “Television. It looks so good, and there’s so much of it!”. He’s right, on both counts. And he never even got to experience streaming television!

  2. am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post? am I going to comment on this post?

  3. No, never. Damn…………………I did!

  4. As today is your dad’s birthday, my comment is that if asked his thoughts about the state of the world, he would reply that the world is a better place because of his daughter.

    I often listen to your songs and today I chose to listen to the one by Buffalo Springfield.

    If I can handle the technology correctly, then here is a song I’d like to share with you by a young non-binary singer,Spencer LaJoye. It contains (serendipitously) some of my wishes for everyone for this year.

  5. puella33

    I don’t think they’re ” nagging” questions. I’m often accused of doing the same. Those who know us well enough, will recognize that our intentions is not “nagging”.

  6. i love the wild band of flamingos who took over a store because they have gone rogue

  7. Answering questions is one of my main responsibilities at work and it really makes me happy to be able to help others, but I also think your father was such an interesting person, why couldn’t I have met him? Although in a way I feel I have.

  8. My favorite photo is Joan not nagging you for more food, Ann.

  9. The way I see it is that nagging questions may or may not have a purpose, and life goes on without offering explanations of any kind to anybody. Life just unfolds, much like images you show here. However, there is a “Monkey mind” which is a Buddhist term meaning “unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable.”-(from The Monkey in Buddhism)

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