Day 3173: Ampersands

Today is National Ampersand Day & the second day of Rosh Hashana & the day I go back to see the Ear Nose & Throat people at the hospital about my nosebleed caused by my anticoagulant medications & our new & adorable cat Joan trying to wake me up by scratching my nose & so much more.

Yesterday I started working again after my 2-week vacation & people were very glad to reconnect in an online therapy group & had a lot to say.

Today, as always, I want to welcome all thoughts & feelings including happiness & sadness & fear & anger & despair & hope & so on.

Here are photos & screen captures for today’s post.

How are you going to celebrate & otherwise mark this precious & unique day?

Last night, when we were eating this delicious & nutritious vegetarian chili …

… my husband & cook Michael & my son Aaron & I were talking about the many ways you can get chili in Cincinnati, including with cheese & beans & spaghetti.

Here’s “Ampersand” by They Might Be Giants (a band that Aaron & Michael & I saw in person years & years ago).

Thanks & more thanks to all who visit this blog, including you & you & you & YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Day 3173: Ampersands

  1. I fight a daily work editing battle against &s, Ann.

  2. I thought you were going back to the ENT yesterday, for some reason. Hope you get effective help for your nosebleed today, Ann. I am thousands of kilometers away but am worrying about you anyway. Maybe worry can magically cure nosebleeds from a distance?

  3. It’s sunny & warm & I bit the inside of my lip in my sleep last night & my sinuses are all blocked up & isn’t it a lovely day & isn’t life great!

  4. My favorite punctuation is the interrobang, an efficient blend of the “!” and the “?”.

  5. I like ampersands because they’re like curvy bridges, & what better way to connect?

  6. & after reading this, i decided to take a bath & read & and write & go to sleep. & who know’s what’s next?

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