Day 3168: National Lazy Mom’s Day

I just found out that today is National Lazy Mom’s Day.

Speaking for myself, it’s difficult for this mom to be lazy. There seems to be so much to do to make this world safer for our children, that slowing down is a challenge, must less being lazy (even for just a day).

And even though I’m still on vacation from work this week, I’m never on vacation from being a mom.

However, I do believe that periods of “laziness” (or rest, relaxation, letting go, or whatever else we want to call it) help us maintain our energy for being moms/nurturers to our children, to others, and to ourselves.

Do you see any evidence of National Lazy Mom’s Day in my other images for today?

In order for us moms to be lazy, we need to get enough sleep.

To celebrate National Lazy Mom’s Day, here’s non-lazy Vanessa-Mae playing the electric violin.

This mom is never too lazy to express gratitude to all who visit her daily blog, including YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3168: National Lazy Mom’s Day

  1. I took today off to make it a four-day weekend, Ann, and I will play golf this afternoon with my friend. Come tonight through Monday, I will relax with my dear wife Karen, which I do not ever equate with the word lazy. Have a great weekend and finish of your vacation, great mom Ann!

  2. We need to do a bit of this each and every day

  3. What kind of quiche was that? Looks amazing!

  4. Sometimes you have to work just to relax. And I love the sound of Vanessa-Mae’s electric violin but my favorite instrument might be the theremin. Also there’s this video I made during a lazy vacation several years ago.

  5. National lazy what day……………Oh I can’t be bothered!

  6. National Lazy Mom’s Day can be evidenced by Harley being a Buddha and Joan a Budai, a maternal instinct is very much inborn in both male and female species.

  7. I laughed outloud at the very idea of a “National Lazy Mom’s Day.” I might actually need some guidelines if I’m to celebrate. It feels a little ominous to me! 🙂

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