Day 3166: No rhyme nor reason

Today, September 1, is National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day in the USA.

I started looking at and sharing National Days some time in July, and this is the first day where there seems to be no rhyme nor reason for any of the designations. Why do we need a day for any of these? There seems to be no rhyme nor reason.

Also, every other list of National Days I’ve seen has included some kind of food or drink. Therefore, when I ask on Twitter how people are going to celebrate the precious day, there seems to be a rhyme or reason for that question. For example …

Actually, the more I think about it, No Rhyme Nor Reason Day seems like the perfect day for me to head back into the hospital, since the nose balloon that we hoped would fix my cat-claw-Coumadin nose bleed doesn’t seem to be working. When things don’t work, it can seem like there is no rhyme nor reason to anything. Also, National Burnt Ends Day seems appropriate, since they’ll probably cauterize the end of my nose, where our new kitty Joan scratched me three nights ago.

Maybe there seems to be no rhyme nor reason for me to be writing this blog at 3:45 AM. However, I’m distracting myself because the Ear Nose Throat on-call doctor I spoke to on the phone at 2 AM suggested that I wait some hours before coming in to be seen. The Emergency Room at my hospital is all filled up, she said, and it would be better to wait until 5 AM to show up there and even better if I could wait for my scheduled 10 AM appointment in the ENT clinic.

Maybe the doctor thought there was no rhyme nor reason to my disappointment and discouragement about the balloon not solving the problem as we had hoped. I tend to catastrophize and assume the worst for no rhyme nor reason, and when I expressed my worst fear — that the doctors would not be able to fix this problem for me — she seemed to think there was no rhyme nor reason to my despair.

For no rhyme nor reason, just writing those words is helping me feel better, here and now.

For no rhyme nor reason, I can’t load more images from my phone for this blog post, so I’m going to switch to my laptop to finish creating it.

Is there no rhyme nor reason for these images in today’s post?

Sayings like “We grow through what we go through” help provide some rhyme and reason, don’t you think?

I love George Duke, so here’s “No Rhyme No Reason” from one of my favorite keyboardists, who left this earth for no rhyme nor reason too soon.


Here’s “No Rhyme No Reason” performed during a 2014 jazz festival tribute to George Duke, featuring a solo by guitarist Chuck Loeb, who also left this earth too soon for no rhyme nor reason that I can see or understand.


For No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day, I’ve written this rhyme for my own reasons.

On No Rhyme Nor Reason Day,

I think it’s wise for me to say,

That nosebleeds aren’t the worst things that occur.

People die before their time,

At least I’m still alive to rhyme,

And Joan the cat can soothe me with her purr.

There is no reason to rhyme any comments, below.

There’s always a rhyme and a reason to express gratitude, so thanks to all those who help me blog every day, including YOU!

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21 thoughts on “Day 3166: No rhyme nor reason

  1. i love your poem and there is no rhyme or reason for your cats to be so cute, but the just are, and that is enough. here’s to you healing soon, once you get in to the doctor.

  2. Good luck with your journey for the fix-at-last, Ann! That sounds harrowing, knowing your medical circumstances.
    This fact may but a little rhyme into the reason of today’s list. A barbecue joint here in Liverpool calls one of their beef dished Burnt Ends. It’s what they have left over from the big hunk of smoked meat, is my best guess!

  3. Nothing seems to rhyme in the universe but there seem to be countless reasons.

  4. Debbie T

    So sorry you’re still going through this medical ordeal — which you surely didn’t need!

  5. Here’s to a bloodless nose in the very near future Ann!

  6. Due to the difference in our time zones, you may already have had your appointment at the ENT clinic, while I’ve just finished breakfast here. I hope that someone has found a solution for your bleeding nose. I’m quite worried about you.

    By the way, I don’t think you were catastrophizing when you phoned the on-call doctor at 2 AM. Your nose has been bleeding for a long time. That is plain old warranted worry, the kind that is essential to our survival.

    Your photos are lovely. I hope that your nose has stopped bleeding.

    • I am good, Maureen! The people at the ENT clinic were very optimistic, and while I do have some things up my nose for now, I have reasons to celebrate!

  7. MARIA

    Glad to read this last comment that you have been treated and the providers are optimistic. Fingers crossed!

  8. No rhyme nor reason to think it’s not going to work out, so good reason to share a song for the 1st of September:

  9. When you first mentioned your nosebleed I thought of Dylan Thomas’s story “The Fight”, about how he met his friend Dan when they fight each other for no reason at all. Dan gets a nosebleed and says “I bleed in dollops sometimes,” and young Dylan gets an enormous black eye. They’re both proud of their battle scars and show them off to girls.
    It made me think about how nosebleeds are such a common thing among kids and I think of yours as a sign that you’re still young.

  10. I think “no rhyme nor reason” is a little frightening to my controlling nature. I really do like to think that everything can be explained…although, clearly that’s delusional. LOL! Your post today actually makes me think. Imagine that? 🙂

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