Day 3164: Healing energy

I think we all could use some healing energy right now. That’s why I tweeted this last night:

I’m sending healing energy to all who could use it, here and now, including myself and you.

Do you see healing energy in my other images for today?

I find healing energy in acknowledging grief about losses while also being open to change and renewal.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “healing energy.”

I look forward to the healing energy of your comments.

As always, there is healing energy in gratitude, so many thanks to you.

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23 thoughts on “Day 3164: Healing energy

  1. I forgot that you are on anticoagulants. That is, I haven’t overall forgotten but I forgot while I was reading about your nosebleed. Your new cat scratched you in the nose and that caused your nose to bleed? And it kept bleeding because you are on anticoagulants? At least that’s not very mysterious but I hope they stopped the bleeding. Is it normal to not be able to stop a nosebleed if you are on anticoagulants? That seems quite scary.

    My healing wish was for your nose bleed so I think it worked!

  2. I just went back to yesterday’s post to read your response to my comment, and learned that you have a pressurization balloon in your nose for a week! That sounds kind of horrible! I am sorry that the cure for your bleeding nose requires that.

    At least Joan is adorable.

  3. Debbie T

    I was a rare day behind in reading your posts, and just saw the description of the nosebleed ordeal. I’m so sorry to hear it. How scary. I do get frequent nosebleeds, but they are tiny and seem to be caused by dry air and asymmetric anatomy (not to get too graphic), and respond to five minutes of pressure. Very different, and hardly worthy of the term nosebleed. I wonder if Joan feels terrible about her role in it, despite not doing it with malicious intent to cause injury. Do cats ever feel terrible like that?

  4. Ann – so sorry about your nosebleed – and what was that kitty thinking? I know those balloons up your nose suck! So, sorry you are having to go through, especially while you are on vacation. I am sending healing thoughts to you. Did they put you on antibiotics because of the cat scratch?

  5. I’m sending some back to you as well as some in my family who could use it

  6. puella33

    I healing in the authentic cocnern of friends/

  7. Just make sure that pressurisation balloon is not filled with helium!

  8. I’m glad you’re feeling better and it was just an accident. Healing energy could be feelings of forgiveness and compassion towards Joan.

    • Perhaps talk to the vet to assess Joan that she’s not too hyperactive at this moment, or minimize your interactions with her to encourage independence.

  9. Your country is taking a battering from all directions at the moment – I hope there will be much healing

  10. Oh, Ann, I, too, missed your earlier post about your nosebleed. My husband is prone to them (unfortunate artifact from a childhood injury) and I know how frightening they can be. He had a really bad one last year on Christmas Eve (ended up being taken to the ER via ambulance) and had to endure that damn pressure balloon for nearly a week. 🥺 No. Fun. Hope you are feeling much better very soon. ❤️

  11. My thoughts go to you, yes, Ann, and plenty of folks down Louisiana way as well.

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