Day 3162: How many?

How many …

  • blog posts will I write?
  • tweets will I send?
  • days until I get back to work after vacation?
  • cats are enough?
  • years have I been working as a group therapist?
  • wishes have come true?
  • hopes have been dashed?
  • losses can we bear?
  • comforts can we find?
  • people can we trust?
  • days before we will have peace?
  • questions will I ask?
  • answers will be given?
  • images are in this post?

How many ways might you celebrate this precious day?

How many people would see a show with trained rescue cats and how many people will watch this video I took last night of the Amazing Acro-cats performing in the same theater where my son Aaron played John Wilkes Booth in a performance of Sondheim’s “Assassins”?

How many people were wearing masks in the audience? All of them.

How many comments will I get on this blog post?

How many times have I expressed gratitude for you in this blog? Thousands and thousands of times.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3162: How many?

  1. Oh Ann I love the fact that it is National Red Wine Day and National Bow Tie Day. It’s my birthday and the red wine is coming out and my husband can sport one of his many bow ties. How many does he have? I’ve lost count. Hugs to you!

  2. One amazing sunflower spotted on your comforting walk counts me as a happy Saturday cat, Ann!

  3. How many sunflowers have I got that self seeded under the bird feeders? Lots and lots. A bonus for the birds later!

  4. Did you get a service award? Congratulations! Also, interesting pattern on that beach.

  5. Ann – so I have 2 (two) things to say. First – I would wear a t-shirt that said “I am never alone, when I am alone, because I am always right there” and secondly – those are very clever kitties, and do you think they enjoy doing all of that? I guess they do, otherwise being that they are cats, if they didn’t enjoy participating in those tricks, they wouldn’t.

    • I like the t-shirt, SD, and the cats did what they wanted, including running out into the audience whenever they liked!

  6. puella33

    I love that sunflower greeting the ocean

  7. Asking “How many cats are in this picture?” is a trick question, isn’t it? I’m going to take a cue from Monsieur Magritte and say ce n’est pas un chat!

  8. I’m going to celebrate National Red Wine day with some clear red wine. And those cats–I’ve never seen any so well-trained!

  9. How many images I liked, #2, #7, and #8. Acro cats crack me up!

  10. How can you not smile at the Amazing Acro Cats! That just makes me happy. 🙂

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