Day 3161: Just because

Just because I’m on vacation, I’m just taking my time, just relaxing, and just capturing images like these:

Just because I just took this video on National Just Because Day, I’m going to share it with you.

Just because I love Pat Metheny, I’m going to share this tune I was listening to yesterday.

Just because I created this blog post, I feel ready for the day ahead.

Just because I love to hear from you, please consider leaving a comment, below.

I always end these posts with gratitude, jus because.

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23 thoughts on “Day 3161: Just because

  1. Unfortunately the video is unavailable to me 🥲but just because I can’t hear and see it doesn’t mean everyone else can’t😀

    • The Pat Metheny video? Try clicking on the link within the text above.

      • I’ll go try now. There was a black box with white text saying it was unavailable but I’ll hopefully get to it with your suggestion.

  2. Feel free to delete all my comments Ann. I clicked on “ this tune” and it worked. He’s fabulous. A thoughtful piece, a tad melancholy to me at this moment. But thanks for the tip so I could hear it.

  3. I’m on vacation too, in the north of Michigan, and just because of the beauty of the space, the company, and the slow pace, it feels so easy

  4. I started to count the number of foot prints, just because. I lost count!

  5. I love that video of Joan at play. She is fast!

  6. Ann, I really appreciate the photos of the kitty tubes, I don’t know why I am so fascinated by them – maybe…just because.
    We had concrete tubes like that at my daycare in Canberra, and my best friend and I used to sit in the middle of them and say not so polite things to our teachers, knowing that they couldn’t get to us. Maybe I wish I had a tube like that nowadays – so I could speak my mind, without fear of retribution. Hmm?! That’s an interesting thought. Thanks Ann – for helping me work this out!!!

  7. Great pics. They capture that you had a good time and serene rest.

  8. I got an automated reply to an email that said “We are out of the office for the month of August.” I think we should follow their lead and make August Global Just Because Month.

  9. I think ‘just because’ is an expression for meaning that things in general don’t need an explanation and spontaneity is a welcome trait. I like images #3 and #4 and I think of Wyeth and the tawny grasses. In photography, the golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. Late afternoon or early morning light is much nicer than midday’s, when the sun is too high. However, sometimes when I find something I really like and it’s plain midday, I have to shoot it anyway because that’s just the timing I happened to have.

  10. I’m happy because you’re on vacation, Ann. I think that says a lot about our friendship.

  11. I listen to Pat Metheny regularly, and I always think of you, Ann. I hope your vacation has been as wonderful as your photos would indicate!

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