Day 3159: Making Meaning

As we humans make our way through life, we often try making meaning of our experience and existence.

This morning, I tried making meaning soon after I woke up by sending out this tweet:


Almost immediately, somebody on Twitter helped me make meaning by replying with this:


For me, making meaning also includes capturing images and sharing them with you here.

As the Daily Bitch knows, our parents are a major part of our making meaning.

I’ll try making making more meaning of this post by including the two YouTube videos ( here and here) I shared on Twitter yesterday:


How are you making meaning these days?

For me, making meaning always involves gratitude, so thanks to all who help me make this daily blog, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3159: Making Meaning

  1. I mean, your marina pictures are a boatload of cool crafts, Ann.

  2. I’m going to assume the top of th chair matters much less than the cat – and you have given permission t use it as a scratching post!

  3. I think it is okay to take photos now and figure out the meaning later.

    Hope you are enjoying your time off. I am enjoying your photos

  4. Does it matter what it means? Sometimes, just being is enough! Cats know this very well.

  5. One of the philosophy classes at my university had a one-word final exam: “Why?” Someone wrote, “Why not?” and got an A. Someone else filled a blue book and also got an A.
    Harley and Joan have completely different approaches to the steps but they get where they’re going, and why not?

  6. I do like that you’re still asking the question, Ann! I think I may have given up on trying to make meaning of very much! Still…hope?

  7. it means everything. it’s all we have.

  8. I’m making meaning of image #4 and #6 and I like the light, colors and contrast. You’re a natural. Nice angle of Joan looking up from the tub also. She’s a Budai, and Harley a Buddha.

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