Day 3155: A Perfect World

We’re so far away from a perfect world these days that it’s difficult to imagine what one might be.

Here are some quotes about a perfect world:

Do you see a perfect world in my images for today?

Today is also the birthday of my honey — my husband Michael. In a perfect world, there would be more people like Michael.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “A Perfect World”:

What are your thoughts and feelings about a perfect world?

Gratitude makes my world more perfect, so thanks to all who visit this non-perfect blog, including YOU.

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22 thoughts on “Day 3155: A Perfect World

  1. I think the perfect world forever will stand as a goal in the future, Ann, no matter what it’s like in the present.

  2. Leon D Fairbanks

    Happy Birthday Michael!

  3. thanks for always sharing pieces of your life that help to make a more perfect world for us. and I love, love that first quote!

  4. Happy Birthday Michael. Here’s to a perfect world!

  5. Hi Ann – this is a perfect post, for a perfect day – when the temps here are supposed to be under 100 degrees. Say Happy Birthday to Michael, if I was there – I would sing him a little song (he should secretly grateful I am not, because I am most definitely an imperfect singer). Have a lovely day, filled with delightfully small imperfections!

  6. puella33

    Happy Birthday to Michael – I see a perfect world in your nature picture. The world could be perfect if man didn’t always mess it up. Have a nice week-end, Ann

  7. Beautiful light and luminescent grass, reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings of meadows and tall grasses. Perfection, maybe it’s more like harmony, getting along, being at ease ‘with’…

  8. The Latin root of “perfect” is “facio” which is an irregular verb and I think that says something about perfection. Although I also think it’s perfect that you have a quote by Ze Frank followed by a quote by Stephen Jay Gould about octopuses and your favorite children’s book, three things that come together here:

  9. Happy birthday, Michael.

    The orange cat on the front stoop next to the flowers looks perfectly happy to me

  10. Another happy birthday to Michael! And I loved the quotes. Richard Rohr is one of my very favorite people. He’s taught me so much about how to live in an imperfect world! 🙂

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