Day 3154: Amazing places

I was in many amazing places yesterday, including two Zoom-like therapy groups. At the end of my amazing day, I posted this about amazing places on Twitter:

People responded with many amazing places, some of which I’ve been to (e.g., Yosemite, Iceland, and Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula) and some of which I want to visit (including Australia, Machu Picchu, Italy, Greece, and Hawaii). One person responded that Portland, Oregon was the most amazing place she’d been, which I found amazing because I might be going there next week.

Do you see amazing places in my other images for today?

I disagree with the Daily Bitch today: any place I’m still alive is amazing.

Our kitchen is an amazing place thanks to my husband Michael. Isn’t it amazing that this ….

… is a vegetarian meat loaf?

Here’s what I find in the amazing place of YouTube when I search for “amazing places.”

I look forward to your thoughts and feelings about amazing places in the amazing comments section, below.

I’m grateful for all who follow me in this amazing blogging place of WordPress, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 3154: Amazing places

  1. Stepping out of the plane and taking that first floral-enriched breath in Hawaii always amazes me, Ann.

  2. I think it’s the little places we discover around us that are sometimes the most amazing. I love that little shell house you have in your pics and would love to happen upon it. outside of my little space was visiting a beautiful spot on the Irish Sea. stunning and I’ll never forget how it felt.

  3. I think the second kitty is behind the curtains, where he likes to plan his day.

    The vegetarian meatloaf looks enticing. Last night, one of my kids made veggie burger patties with beans as well as carrots from the garden and freshly-baked buns. Supper was delicious.

  4. puella33

    Ann, I’m so happy for you . The amazing places I would like to see on the Mediterranean.AS for the US, I love Puerto Rico, and would love to visit New Mexico and Catalina Island in California. Do you have to get Coovid tested 48 hours before departing and entering even though you got fully vaccinated and where would you have it done? Have a nice, Day.

  5. It may sound strange but one of the most amazing places I’ve been is French Lick, Indiana, simply because it was a small town with such a rich history. The resort built there around a sulfur spring was where Franklin Roosevelt announced his first run for president, Al Capone was a regular visitor, and it’s the home town of Larry Byrd.
    It’s an easy example because of its history but I really think every place has something amazing about it if you just look.

  6. Amazing places can be right at your own backyard, but otherwise I like places that offer opportunities to interact with nature.

  7. Blue Mountains in NSW, Keukenhof Gardens, Quinault – temperate rain forest in Washington state, Oregon coastline, Nikko in Japan (until the Snow Monkey took my pop-tart off the dash and peed on the hood of our car), Table Top Mountain – South Africa, and my back garden – it’s a jungle back there! Hope you had an amazing day!

  8. Your photos remind me of what I so often think…there are many beautiful and exotic places to visit, but sometimes I find the most amazing places just walking around my more familiar locations. When I’m in the “right” frame of mind I can access joy in the familiar.

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