Day 3146: Guilty pleasures

My guilty pleasures include chocolate, mac & cheese, watching old game shows on TV, blogging, tweeting, and sharing my latest images with you.

The Daily Bitch never looks guilty about her pleasures, so I’m going to follow her example. No guilt about pleasures!

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “guilty pleasures”:

What are your thoughts and feelings about this “guilty pleasures” post?

It’s a guiltless pleasure for me to thank all who visit this daily blog, including YOU!!

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13 thoughts on “Day 3146: Guilty pleasures

  1. now that’s a mac ‘n cheese! my guilty pleasures – flamin’ hot cheetos, pasta with anything, puzzling, blogging, making collage art

  2. Fitting the New York Mets game in from my DVR every day someway, somehow,
    Ann. (And scrupulously avoiding the score on all screens until I do.) Michael’s mac n cheese sure looks yummy, and I’m not an asparagus guy!

  3. puella33

    Your mac and cheese looks ” sunny and cheery “.

  4. My guilty pleasures are chocolate also.

  5. I try to stick to simple pleasures that don’t leave me feeling guilty, although Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra is anything but simple. Still I only feel guilty when I have a whole pint at once.

  6. Such lovely, elevated mac and cheese, Ann! I also find mac and cheese, coffee and I’d add reading mystery novels to my guilty pleasures. But you caught my attention with watching old game shows. I have never really thought to do that, and it sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂

  7. Can’t go wrong with a plate of Mac and Cheese, Ann! My guilty pleasures include working for myself from home, so when it’s quiet, I can go out for a trail ride with my neighbors in the middle of the day. Everything seems brighter from the back of a horse. 😉

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