Day 3144: What can you appreciate in this moment?

I can appreciate, in this moment, this teabag I saw last night:

I can appreciate that today’s images show many things I appreciate.

I can appreciate in this moment that today is National Lazy Day AND National S’mores Day.

I can appreciate what I find on YouTube when I search for “what can you appreciate in this moment?

What can you appreciate in this moment? I will appreciate any comments you leave.

I hope you can appreciate my gratitude for you, here and now, in this precious moment.

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20 thoughts on “Day 3144: What can you appreciate in this moment?

  1. National lazy day? I’d no idea I was right on target, without so much as lifting a finger.

  2. It’s national apathy day where I live so I can’t even be bothered being lazy. (Making Stuff Up)

  3. Leon D Fairbanks

    Great shot of Aaron with Joan.

  4. I can’t even attempt to celebrate lazy day, Ann, because I have too much to do.

  5. i appreciate how lucky i am to have the time to just appreciate so many things in this world.

  6. Aaron and Joan Clawford seem to be good friends already,

  7. Debbie T

    I am impressed with Harley’s willingness to come into such close contact with Joan.

  8. Seeing Harley and Joan get along so well, and seeing Joan with Aaron, makes me appreciate how someone new can enrich our lives.

  9. I appreciate another Buddha in the making.

  10. I appreciate the fact that I have an extended circle of friends via the internet who brighten every day in some form or fashion, including YOU. 🙂

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