Day 3143: Human nature

I’m human and I’m worried about nature.

My concern is that human nature — which resists change, bad news, and working together with people perceived to be different — will not allow for the decisive action needed to avert climate disaster.

Do you see human nature in my other images for today?

On National Rice Pudding, Veep, and Book Lovers Day, this is what I find when I search for “human nature” on YouTube:

While I worry about human nature, I’m also naturally grateful for all the humans who read this blog, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3143: Human nature

  1. Good morning, Ann. I’m hoping art, collective action and cute cats will get us through this week and beyond.

  2. The issues in our world are overwhelming. Humans who resist facts astound me. I’m knitting a lot but it doesn’t seem to alleviate my anxiety for our earth, our fellow humans, the uncertain future.

  3. I fear that human nature will ultimately fail but, logically, if you take human out of human nature, you are left with nature and nature will endure. I’m rather glad that I shall not be around to see it. Does that make me an optimist or a pessimist?

  4. it’s clear from the painting class pics, that it’s human nature for us all to see things/people differently and to express it in different ways

  5. puella33

    I love the out-door art class. Did you join? Regarding climate change, I see a lot of plastic on that beautiful green grass by the trash can- sadly if it’s not collected soon , it will eventually go to sea.

    • I think that was a prize that guy had won — to have his portrait done by several artists. I noticed the trash, too.

  6. There are some very fine artists in that group! And then obliging model, too.

    • Yes! As far as I could tell, that man had won, in an auction, the prize of having his portrait done by several local artists.

  7. It’s fascinating to me that it’s human nature to make art, although I don’t think it’s a desire that’s limited to humans. In fact I think we need, for the sake of our planet and our own survival, to avoid thinking of ourselves as special and somehow separate from nature, and I don’t think it’s always human nature to think we are.

  8. Joan is beautiful Ann! It’s my human nature to see this beauty.

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