Day 3141: How much sleep are you getting?

Moments ago, I sent this out on Twitter:

Here’s the link that shows how much sleep different animals get a night:

According to that list, I only need 5.5 hours if I’m an elderly human, which I probably am. However, I haven’t been close to that lately.

Here’s a great response from someone on Twitter:

Why am I getting so little sleep? I think it might be the pandemic, climate change, and now worries about our newly adopted kitty, who has a scary looking infection on her skin.

What can I do about all of those things? Well, my next achievable step is to call the adoption agency today and work this out with them.

I’m looking forward to better nights of sleep ahead with a healthy Joan Clawford as part of our household.

Joan is having no trouble getting the sleep she needs, so I should try to be more like Joan.

In the meantime, getting less sleep allows me to have more time to work, walk, take photos, and hang out on Twitter.

How much sleep are you getting during these precious days?

Here’s “How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?” from the Mt. Sinai Health System:

Here’s “Sleep Music 24/7” if you want to catch some zzzzz’s.

Thanks to all who are doing their best to get the sleep they need, including YOU.

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22 thoughts on “Day 3141: How much sleep are you getting?

  1. I don’t get as much sleep as I think I need, Ann, thanks to the always early-rising cherished rescue mutt Ellie B. But if I agree with ONE that I am an elderly human being and TWO that your chart-makers are correct, I’m usually getting a half-hour more than they think I need. Yeesh now I start my Saturday even more confused.

  2. I’ll answer the question after I’ve had a nap!

  3. I’m not a good sleeper, fall asleep anywhere on a dime, but wake up just as easily and usually quite early. glad Joan found her place in the sun to sleep without a care –

  4. Barb

    Hi Ann,
    I never seem to get enough sleep. Love your pics as always and your new family member Joan. Take it easy and be safe!! Im on vacation this week. Hopefully will catch up on much needed zzzzzz’s

  5. Congratulations on the new kitty – hope she is ok!

    • She is okay! I sent photos to our vet and got useful info from the adoption agency. She should be much better in a few days. 😻

  6. Nothing puts me to sleep faster than a warm, fuzzy body next to mine, sleeping peacefully. ❤

  7. I’m glad to see Joan is getting plenty of time in the sun because cats are solar-powered.
    My favorite literary line is “A man shouldn’t judge others on grounds where he can’t stand perpendicular himself,” although the conclusion of the book it’s from is grim enough to keep me up at night.

  8. I hope that Joan is back to full health soon.

  9. It depends on my circadian rhythm:

    by NoNameGYassineMrabetTalk✉ fixed by Addicted04

  10. Six or seven hours less a couple of loo visits

  11. I clock between 9 and 10 hours/night, which really feels delicious. Have never been a night owl or, thank God, an insomniac.

  12. I don’t struggle to get enough sleep, Ann, and I think I must be very fortunate. So many of my friends are awake much of the night. I am amazed at all you do, and the way your mind still functions so quickly with your clever tweets and I know with your work demands, despite the lack of sleep! I am sure I’d be a mess. xx

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