Day 3140: Are you an optimist, pessimist, or what?

Today’s blog title is inspired by this:

According to that, I think I’m all those things, depending on the situation, my mood, and my perspective.

Are you an optimist, pessimist, or what as you look at today’s other images?

I was optimistic that I would find something I’d want to share here if I searched YouTube for “optimist, pessimist, or what” and I found this

… and this:

I’m wondering if that second video explains people’s resistance to thinking and acting about climate change.

No matter if you’re an optimist, pessimist, or what, thanks for visiting my daily blog today!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3140: Are you an optimist, pessimist, or what?

  1. What the circumstances of the day bring, Ann.

  2. i’m an artistic optimist, with a dash of utopia sprinkled on top. i am over the moon for joan clawford and you must get rid of your wire hangers before she notices! )

  3. This past couple of weeks have been intense because a young person I care about was told that her brain tumour, which is inoperable, looked like the very worst kind. But yesterday the biopsy showed that it is actually a lower grade tumour and she can start chemo..Doctors cannot explain why the tumour looks like another kind of tumor on the MRI.

    I don’t think any of the clever illustrations would capture my state of mind this week. The “it’s not water” drawing would seem to fit except I’m not exactly a skepticist. Optimist doesn’t work either very well because it seems to be not considering other realities. Surreal is definitely part of what I am feeling but the surreal water seems held in position by an artist’s imagination, whereas this tumor will still need every medical tool available to keep it at bay..

    There does seem to be an existential glass of water missing from this lineup, capturing something that falls into the realm of miracle and hope and love. What’s the drawing for a glass of water that you come across after believing you’d never see a glass of water again?

    • I hope the chemo goes well. That may sound like a strange thing to say but the optimist in me is glad it’s an option. And while chemo isn’t fun there are ways to make it bearable, if not somewhat enjoyable, since it mostly involves sitting quietly for hours at a time. I don’t know what the young person you know likes but getting to know the nurses, doing art projects, or making a video diary documenting the process are all ways to see chemo through to a hopefully successful end.

  4. I’m almost out of wine…

  5. Looking at what day it is I can say with certainty that I’m a Root Beer Floatist. When I was a kid we would sometimes go to Howard Johnson’s which had coffee ice cream and I would get a float made with it. Some think that sounds awful, and I say, okay, more for me.

  6. I’m definitely an “or what”. I’m optimistically looking forward to the grand pussy cat meet!

  7. I used to be a pessimist. I think because my mom was always so negative. Haven’t lived with her in a while and now I appear to be an optimist.

  8. puella33

    I could be any of those descriptions, depending on the circumstances.

  9. Joan Clawford it just adorable! What a lucky kitty to have been brought into your wonderful home, Ann. And I love the visuals used to describe something of temperament. I have always been an optimist, glass half full kind of person, but I think I’ve shifted more to realist. It’s not as comfortable a fit, but desperate times…

  10. Joan Crawford looks like she is having a great time exploring!

  11. Beautiful cat Ann. Cats are such natural climbers.

    I suppose you’re talking about ‘outlook’. Although perhaps one becomes more ‘realistic’ as one ages, optimism has been proven to yield better results. I guess one can re-learn that positive attitudes help, however, depression does exist and it’s known to be physiological. ‘Mind over matter’ also exists. So I’m more of an existentialist because I believe society should not restrict my individuality nor actions with labels and expectations.

  12. Mostly optimist; sometimes what

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