Day 3139: Happily Open

I am going to happily open this blog post with a good sign I saw yesterday on Boston’s happily open Beacon Hill.

I was happily open to taking that photo right before we were happily open to driving all the way to happily open Ogunquit, Maine, to meet Joan Sloane Malone (a/k/a Joan Clawford)’s happily open foster mom, Lindsay, who is happily open to having many, many cats in her happily open home.

There’s Lindsay, who was happily open to posing with happily open Joan before we took Joan with us back to Boston.

I hope you are happily open to my other images for this happy day, as all of us are happily open to having Joan in our life.

We will happily open that door in a few days so Harley and Joan can be happily open to meeting face to furry face.

When I searched YouTube for “happily open cats” I found this:

I hope you are happily open to leaving a comment today; I am happily open and grateful to greet this new day.

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26 thoughts on “Day 3139: Happily Open

  1. Dreamer9177

    Just thinking about your new cat’s name. Since you already gave Harley, what about “Quinn?”

  2. puella33

    Hi, Ann, I’m so happy for you, Congratulations

  3. I’m happily open to believing that Joan seems to have settled very well initially. Good luck with the togetherness venture!

  4. The happiest minds, I think, are open minds and I’m so glad you were open to inviting Joan into your home. She looks wonderfully clever and I can almost hear her saying, “But ya are, Blanche, but ya are…”

  5. i love that you opened your home to joan and i can’t wait for her to meet her brother. olive and yeti, love each other, and while yeti is a wild crazy baby, olive is a calm older sister.

  6. I’m glad you happily opened the door for Joan, and Zen master Harley is doing meditations to also open his heart. She’s lovely.

  7. I am so happy that you and Joan have found each other. In your photos she looks like a lonely cat yearning for a family. And Aaron looks attached already!

    Congratulations on this very sweet event.

  8. PS…. Sending love to Harley.

  9. It looks as if Joan is open to happily embracing her new home, Ann! Here are my well-wishes to Harley being open to adjustments as well.

  10. I hope the happily open establishments can stay that way

  11. Whew! That was A Lot of Happiness! Actually, meeting your happy new cat Joan, and seeing the Catification Guru video in your string of happiness examples pushed me right over the edge! I love cats. Especially rescued cats and kitties–which is what our Smudge (now 8 years old) was. Thanks for an ecstatic romp through multiple examples of Happiness!

  12. I wish I could be happily open to a kitty, but our Boston Terrier has made it very clear that this is her house and she is not happily open to sharing it with another animal! btw, I love the rock/wood/rock/wood hearts. very clever!

    • Supposedly Boston Terriers are more happily open to cats than other breeds but I’m happy that she’s getting what she wants!

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