Day 3137: What do you do when you’re overwhelmed?

Last night, after an overwhelming day at work, I tweeted this:

The responses to that question have been overwhelming. Not surprisingly, many people are overwhelmed these days and they’re sharing their experience about that on Twitter.

Here’s my response, when somebody asked what I do when I’m overwhelmed:

I didn’t mention that I also blog, take photos, and share images on WordPress.


Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “what do you do when you’re overwhelmed?”

I also listen to music when I’m overwhelmed, and here’s the overwhelmingly talented Manhattan Transfer:

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed?

I hope you don’t find my gratitude for you overwhelming.

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29 thoughts on “Day 3137: What do you do when you’re overwhelmed?

  1. Read schlock from the schlock pile. Knit obsessively. Escape to oblivion.

  2. Usually head out for a walk with the dog. Or sometimes I go sit on the patio, take deep breaths, listen to the birds, and watch the clouds float by. This morning, I am listening to the symphony of a tremendous thunderstorm, which somehow seems to be a fitting soundtrack to the breaking viral s*(‘!show here in Florida….😔

  3. walk in the woods, write, read, listen to music, and my secret weapon – hang out with my grandies, they always always always make me laugh. so excited for the kitty!

  4. Jeanette

    Actually, going on Twitter and other socmed make me feel incredibly overwhelmed. I paint enso style circles.
    Codename-Pictures Edition -is currently my favorite board game.

  5. Sleep, breathe, commune with nature, write poetry!

  6. Debbie T

    My daughter and daughter-in-law have played hundreds of strategy board games (and daughter-in-law is a deputy manager of the board game department at PAX conventions). I’m sure they could recommend some terrific ones. Would you like me to ask one of them to contact you?

  7. puella33

    I suppose it depends on with what I am overwhelmed…

  8. A guy I knew in high school once gave me this advice: “Treat problems creatively. When life gives you lemons make orange juice.”
    A lot of different circumstances can make me feel overwhelmed, and different methods can help.

  9. This is so strange! I wrote a response to this post this morning and it isn’t here!

    Oh well, I will not let myself be overwhelmed by that mystery. What do I do when I am overwhelmed? Generally go to bed and hope the cat joins me.

  10. Multitasking is a virtue. However, doing things one step at a time is more important than ever. A definition for overwhelming is: “to give too much of a thing to (someone); inundate.” Unfortunately, society seems to be structured so as to precisely be overwhelming, giving too many choices, be them at stores, watching television, even books. There are new inventions for mostly everything: new clothes, new cars, new jobs, new professions, new words, you name it and there’s something new and a way of getting it done. I get meltdowns, which are an intense response to an overwhelming situation. I have to create a quiet, safe space and ask people to move along and not to stare, turn off loud music and turn down bright lights to reduce the information overload.

  11. What do I do? Cry and throw a tantrum!!! 😂😂 (not the best I know)

  12. I guess the trick in life is to get whelmed, Ann? Although that’s not how we ever put it. Oh, how strange our language is. Thank you for always keeping me engaged with your ideas and photos, my friend. I hope Harley does not get overwhelmed with a new housemate …

  13. Often when I’m overwhelmed I enjoy reading tweets. I can scroll for hours. LOL! I’m not clever-quick enough to post my own, but vicariously I do enjoy yours. 🙂

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