Day 3133: Rhetorical Questions

Do people know what rhetorical questions are?

Do you see rhetorical questions in any of my images for today?

Should I check YouTube for rhetorical questions?

Here’s a song that asks a rhetorical question:

Might you consider leaving a comment about this post?

Is gratitude a good way to end a post about rhetorical questions?

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16 thoughts on “Day 3133: Rhetorical Questions

  1. Do I really have to rack my brain so early on a Friday morning, Ann?

  2. why do we need answers to everything? gratitude is always a good way to end anything

  3. What’s the point? Ow! I just found out!

  4. One of my college writing professors (admittedly not one of my best teachers) said all poetry should be based on images and “avoid rhetoric”. I think he meant abstractions, but “What’s so funny ’bout peace, love, and understanding?” is not just a good question but also pure poetry. Isn’t it?

  5. That dog swimming in the water is such a beautiful sight, kind of a balm. The flowers drying on the ground are very sad. I know that young man’s family will never forget him.

    What does the orange spray painted square on the concrete signify?

  6. puella33

    I was admiring the photo of the dog in the water too. It reminds me of a commercial I used to see on TV for an Arthritic medicine.

  7. Your first three images have beautiful light Ann.

    Mostly everything that humans utter have some sort of rhetoric or rhetorical question. I was thinking maybe they are rationalizations also. Perhaps rhetoric means that humans enter into some sort of monologue simply because even when there is an audience, there is this ‘mystery’ that can forever unwind itself and never cease to be explained. It’s never fully understood but one needs to hear about it because it needs to be explained in different forms and ways. I gather this could be a linguistics phenomena, but also a psychological defense mechanism.

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