Day 3132: Peace of Mind

Last night, when I was seeking peace of mind, I asked this question on Twitter:

I got a range of responses, including:

In yesterday’s blog post, I included a video that’s been helping me with peace of mind. For my peace of mind, I’ll include it here again:

Do you see peace of mind in my other images for today?

As we celebrate this precious day, here’s “Peace of Mind” by Loggins & Messina

… and “I Gotta Find Peace of Mind” by Lauryn Hill.

I have peace of mind about any comments you might choose to leave, below.

Gratitude is part of my peace of mind, so thanks to all who help me blog every day, including YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 3132: Peace of Mind

  1. Guru Vakyam could definitely help with Peace of Mind if prescribed to all on the planet!

  2. puella33

    I love the pictures of the Boston Commons. The ducklings seem to have peace of mind as they swim.

  3. Sometimes when asked how she’s doing my wife will say, “Ducky–calm on the surface, paddling furiously underneath”. That also reminds me that people who are outwardly quiet but thoughtful are sometimes described as “still waters that run deep”. I first read that expression in the book The Case of the Elevator Duck which has stayed with me.
    This is a long-winded way of saying I don’t know what peace of mind is like–my mind always seems to be working furiously, but sometimes it’s focused on positive things. “Peaceful” doesn’t always mean “quiet”.

  4. “Taking a dirt nap” was a little disarming, but unique! I just spent 10 days entertaining a very active 3-year old. It’s amazing how all other emotional and situational stresses fall away when he’s our priority. 🙂

  5. sunrise and sunset – another day

  6. The pre-dawn hours. I always feel as though the slate has been wiped clean and we are getting another chance to do things right/better/more kindly. 💕

  7. We really have to enjoy it in shorter and shorter moments, Ann.

  8. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I have peace of mind, sometimes.

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