Day 3129: Be a Good Human

Yesterday, while I was trying to be a good human on National Ice Cream Sundae Day, I saw this in our old neighborhood of Belmont:

It struck me that the sellers of those signs believed that I would be a good human, because their outdoor display depended entirely on the honor system.

What do you think it takes to be a good human? Do you see any evidence of that in my other images from yesterday?

On National All or Nothing Day, here’s a great song about how to be a good human from the musical “Catch Me If You Can.”

Because I’m a good human, I’m also going to share the wonderful dancing from “Don’t Break the Rules.

I try to be a good human every day by expressing my thanks and appreciation for all good humans everywhere, including YOU!

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14 thoughts on “Day 3129: Be a Good Human

  1. I’m sure that is what your cat on the sofa is purring

  2. puella33

    There are so many components to being a good human. Being all inclusive is one. I love that sign depicting All Are Welcome/

  3. I was just recommending Aldous Huxley’s novel Island to someone which is very much about how we can be good humans and build a good society that benefits everyone equally. Recommending good books is, I think, part of being good, but I’m not sure there’s anything good about putting ice cream on a pine cone.

  4. What beautiful plants and flowers, Cyperus papyrus, daylilies, roses, ipomoea (morning glory), marygolds (Tagetes erecta), and cypress shrubbery. I read once ‘good and bad’ are too elusive terms.

    ‘How is it that we have so much information, and know so little?’- Noam Chomsky

  5. I see good humans in the humor and kindness shown in what they do – the pine cone, the trust, the planting of beautiful flowers for others to share the enjoyment.

  6. You share hope and your accumulated wisdom, Ann, and I think that makes you a great human.

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