Day 3128: When you look around you, what do you see?

Yesterday, as I was looking around me, I posted this on Twitter:

As I expected, the answers to my question opened up new and wonderful windows for me to look through.

Here’s what I saw when I looked around me yesterday:

When you look around you, what do you see? I’ll look for your comments later.

I looked around YouTube and saw this:

When I look around me, I see and feel gratitude, so thanks to everyone who helps me see more and more each day, including you!

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17 thoughts on “Day 3128: When you look around you, what do you see?

  1. I look around me and see flowers, birds, trees, sunshine, and blue skies. Just perfect!

  2. I see blue skies, waving palm trees, tiny little anoles scampering around on the patio, and a lovely little waterfall in our pool. Blessed. Full. Stop.

  3. It’s not hard for me to look around and see CDs, DVDs, a file cabinet, a couple of wall calendars, and takeout menus. The last two are on either side of the refrigerator and get used regularly. It’s a mistake to think they’ve outlived their usefulness.

  4. puella33

    I love your pictures of the moonlight, Ann. Is there a new feline in your family? Congratulations! I look around and I’m seeing more people wearing masks. So, I started to rewear mine too

  5. Thanks for all the cat photos! I really enjoyed them. I would take Sullivan home if I could! Or any of them.

  6. I see beautiful images and kitties. ‘The more I see you‘ (Harry Warren & Mark Gordon) performed by multi-Grammy winning Brazilian pianist/singer/composer Eliane Elias.

  7. i see a kitty looking to be a family member in your household

  8. Congratulations on the fabulous moon photos I see here, Ann!

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