Day 3127: Growing old

Last week in one of my Coping and Healing groups, the older people told the younger people that growing old was not as scary as they feared. The older people talked about the benefits of growing old, which seemed to surprise the younger members of the group.

There are so many negative messages out there about growing old. Let’s see if we can balance those, here and now, with some quotes and images.

Speaking of ending the conversation, let’s see what the Daily Bitch has to say about growing old today.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “growing old.”

What are your thoughts and feelings about growing old?

I am grateful to be growing old and I’m grateful for those who are growing older with me, including YOU.

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32 thoughts on “Day 3127: Growing old

  1. What a fabulous collection of quotes, Ann! I truly feel that age is just a number. I’m past 50 and feel like I’m in my early 30s, and I know people who are my age and act like 90 year olds. Every year, nay every day, is a blessing and an opportunity to experience something new and wonderful, or enjoy something or someone you have already discovered you love. Got to make the most of it (though I must confess, some days it’s tougher to ‘find the happy’ than others). Your blog always helps me in that quest. ❤️

  2. like you, i am grateful to be growing old. i’m comfortable in my own skin, don’t worry about what people think, winding things down, only doing what i really want to do, showing up for things that really matter, exploring the world near and far, have lived to see my children and grandchildren get on with their lives, and am in the most peaceful phase of my life ever –

  3. A comforting blog, my friend. While I agree with Writer Lori that age is just a number, I do feel sad at times that my numbers keep going up while my energy numbers are going down! Its a precarious ledge we stand on — blessed to have made it this far, sad that it can’t continue forever. Ahhhh …. such is our lot in life. Keep loving, my friend.

  4. Thanks for this—I feel much better about being closer to 60 than 50 now. Tada!!

  5. When I was young, Ann, I thought I knew more than I did. Now that I’m older, I’m certain that I know more than I can recall.

  6. Here’s to growing old disgracefully!

  7. Leon D Fairbanks

    I’m curious what people think Virginia Woolf meant: “I don’t believe in aging. I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun.” How it struck me: The sun – the ineluctable reminder of the reality we live in. Pulls us from the world of feelings to the harsh geometry of the universe.

    • Interesting interpretation! I thought she was focusing on the constant change and altering one’s perspective. It also evoked the earth traveling around the sun and the passage of time.

  8. I turned 64 in June and am glad for the quotes. I still feel like I’m 30 except when I look in the mirror and then I’m reminded I am that person and more. I’m retiring this fall and I feel like so many doors are opening again, after a few years of closing ones. Interest, curiosity, and lifelong learning play a role for me. For others, it might be their family and other interests, but it’s good. And I wouldn’t go through my 20s again for much of anything. 30s either. My niece is in her thirties and talking with her is a constant reminder of what it was like–good and bad.

  9. puella33

    I regard getting old with gratitude, for many people don’t live to see their roots getting white.

  10. While I can’t find a simple quote I’ve always liked Billy Crystal’s explanation for why he’s played so many old characters: “I’m getting ready!” He embraced getting old and made it look fun even when he was young, and we should all grow old so gracefully.

  11. In a couple of months I am going to turn 87. I live a comfortable life and am grateful for this. I have age related pains in my body. But I can cope with this and am still able to look after myself and enjoy life. So far I need to get only the minimum of help. I do not particularly like to live completely on my own ever since my husband died seven months ago. But in a way I do count my blessings that I am still well enough to be able to live on my own. The virus restricts me a lot as far as close contact with my friends and extended family is concerned, but I still think I am better off than a lot of other people since I do own my own home, and I feel I do get adequate pension money for all my needs. So, I know that I am extremely lucky. However, I am not sorry, when eventually I have to leave this earth. I certainly am not so keen to go on living and living no matter how feeble and needy I might become. So, when I have to go, I have to go. I am ready for this. 🙂

    • I am soooooooooo grateful for you, Aunty. 💕

      • Ann, I liked your post very much. I am always surprised how much you manage to insert into your posts! Thank you very much, and stay safe! Hugs from Uta in Australia, the East Coast of Australia actually. 🙂

  12. Delay in my comment which was not accepted yesterday. I thought it a good, uplifting, range of quotations

  13. I also think it has to with time and physics. Gravity will pull us down to the ground, even when as biological creatures we sprung up, much like the lilies, birds, and everything that saw the sun or felt the earth’s rhythm, creatures big and small, born and unborn. I gladly welcome the closure of earth’s orbit that will bid farewell to the ego I temporarily possessed, as it will continue revolving for others with day and night cycles and time.

    • It was Cole Porter’s ‘Night and Day’:

      • This is Ella’s version and it even has a prelude Sinatra’s version doesn’t have:

    • Leon Fairbanks

      This thing we share, this reality. Is that what continues or is it our inner being?

      • I don’t believe the inner being continues Leon, but perhaps an outer “Aura” (if you may). In Latin and Ancient Greek, ‘aura’ means wind, breeze or breath. It was used in Middle English to mean “gentle breeze”. By the end of the 19th century, the word was used in some spiritualist circles to describe a speculated subtle emanation around some sort of mass. ‘Energy field’ is another word for the term.

    • I really appreciate this conversation. Thanks, Maria and Leon!

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