Day 3123: What do you collect?

Yesterday, when I was collecting new experiences and memories, I posted this on Twitter:


As people were collecting their thoughts about that question, that tweet began collecting lots of interesting answers.


As you probably know, I also collect photos and other images along my life’s journey. Here are some more I’ve been collecting lately.


I also have a small collection of pins.


When I search YouTube for “what do you collect”, I find this

… and this:

What do you collect? I look forward to reading your collection of comments, below.

As noted above, I also collect expressions of gratitude, so thanks to all who have helped me collect thousands of posts in this daily blog, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 3123: What do you collect?

  1. I have no longer either the desire or opportunity to collect. My books have been the longest – I stopped adding to them about 12 years ago now.

  2. Your collections are so much nobler than mine. I collect unicorns. And I have to stop. I have no more room …..

  3. These days I collect bruises!

  4. puella33

    I have a collection of post cards. I seldom see them now, because of social media .

  5. The only thing I collect for sure is house dust.

  6. Nice landscapes Ann! I collect tops, spinners and kinetic games.

  7. I collect rejection slips and also coins from around the world. I have at least three-thousand coins from over a hundred countries, some of which don’t even exist anymore. They’re a good way to explore the world which is why my favorite way to get them is to travel to unusual places.

  8. I collect people’s stories, rocks shaped like hearts, tiny pieces of art, children’s books, and kindness.

  9. I collect iPhone photographs of my daily doings, Ann.

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