Day 3122: What gets in the way of you celebrating every new day?

What gets in the way of you celebrating every new day?

Is it not knowing what to celebrate?


Is it anxiety?


Is it grief?


Is it a battle between your heart and your brain? Or bad decisions from the past?


Is it creepy people with too much power?


Is it people telling you what to do?


Is it too much responsibility?


Is it weird animals?


Is it dreary weather?


Is it painful experiences?


Is it sleep problems?


Is it parts of yourself you have trouble accepting?


Is it barriers in your way that you can’t control?


No matter what might get in the way, I hope my other images help you celebrate the new day.


This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “celebrate the new day.”

Consider celebrating the new day by leaving a comment, below.

Thanks to all who help me celebrate every new day, including YOU.

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30 thoughts on “Day 3122: What gets in the way of you celebrating every new day?

  1. I’ll come to grips little by little today, tomorrow, the next day, Ann.

  2. Seeing, and hearing, Stevie Wonder always humbles me and makes me appreciate those things I take for granted.

  3. Random laptop issues. First it was sound disappeared, then the cursor. Well, a roundtrip to the Staples store in the next town resulted in a new wireless mouse to replace the one (wired) that was worn out, the source of the disappearing cursor (aptly named – cursor). But the sound worked while in the store. Stupidly, all it took was clicking on the sound icon to turn it on. YES, I protested, I did that dozens of times, but no sound. (I felt a fool!) So I pointed out the three places I knew already to do that just so he knew I wasn’t totally ignorant. I returned to my home, turned on the laptop, and…NO SOUND again!
    Computers make celebrating every new day problematic for me. As I told the fix it guy at the Staples store, I wouldn’t do it but the thought occurred: put the laptop under the front wheel of my car and drive over it. That would fix it!

    • Do you recommend “The Wild Edge of Grief”? I don’t know the author but I see there’s a forward by Michael Lerner.

      I am starting to always look for the orange cat in your daily post. 🙂

    • Doug Thomas, is it possible that the reason the sound wouldn’t turn on when you clicked the icon before you went to the store was that your mouse wasn’t working?

      Is the icon that you are cooking on in the bottom right of your screen by any chance? I had a problem with things not working in the bottom right of my screen a couple of times. One of my kids help me to figure out that an update notice or a notification from some site had popped up there and then become invisible and it was essentially preventing me from clicking on anything under it. Although I didn’t know it was there so I didn’t realize that what I was clicking on was under it. The solution was simple, something like restarting the laptop one time, and another time I had to run the Windows update and then restart it.

      It’s very unlikely that you are stupid, even though you felt like you were when the sound worked at the Staples store. It’s more likely that something’s gone wrong, maybe something simple, and that if you notice when it is happening or not happening, you will figure out the cause. Maybe it has something to do with your mouse. Perhaps installing the new mouse caused you to mute your laptop. It’s possible that a function key was pressed. Or, I don’t laugh when I mention this, could it be that some earbuds are plugged into it?

      If the reason that your sound icon didn’t work when you clicked on it was that your mouse wasn’t working, and therefore the reason that the staples people were able to get it to work was that they were using a new mouse in the shop, then possibly the reason your sound isn’t working at the moment is not related to whatever caused your sound not to be working before you went to Staples.

      If you are using a Windows computer, there is probably a way to get your computer to troubleshoot the sound for you. I did this on a friend’s computer recently and the third or fourth thing that Windows suggested actually worked.

      • I wasted hours and hours of my life trying to work through the sound problem, and I guarantee I visited every single one of the places you mention dozens of times. I even sat through two complete downloads of Windows 10 to no avail – that was what an IT guru did to try to resolve the problem. I’ve set the problem aside for the moment. If I need sound, I can use my smart phone.

    • Technology! Helps and hinders celebrations, for sure.

    • Sorry, my question about the book was meant for Ann in response to her post and I am not sure why it was posted as a reply. Trying to respond too early in the morning, probably!

  4. Just the best Monday morning post Ann. Thank you and have an excellent week.

  5. Debbie T

    My addition to the list for July 18: my birthday! I’m not much for sour candy or caviar. I do love ice cream, though for the past few years, I’ve had to switch to lactose-free frozen desserts — which is a part of me that my brain has trouble accepting while my digestive system appreciates it. I declared it to be dairy-free chocolate-frosted cake day in our house instead, and that was a fine substitute.

  6. puella33

    I love the picture of the Sunflower, it’s one of my favorite flowers. That’s an excellent question- I think it’s fear which brings anxiety, and it’s also barriers that come my way that I can’t overcome. Have a nice day, Ann

  7. I think difficult people can get in the way of celebrating sometimes.

  8. I think it’s really important to celebrate every new day, and I typically start my day with those grand intentions. If I have a good amount of lead time before I’m out the door and interacting with the grumpy public, I can usually sustain my good mood! 🙂

  9. Do you recommend “The Wild Edge of Grief”? I don’t know the author but I see there’s a forward by Michael Lerner.

    I am starting to always look for the orange cat in your daily post. 🙂

    • I do recommend that book and I look for Tony the orange cat whenever I walk, Maureen. And, of course, I always look for you, here.

  10. there is always a reason to celebrate, each morning when we open our eyes again, but It’s definitely easier to celebrate when it’s not 4:40am. p.s. I love, love Jesse’s note

  11. Nothing gets in the way of celebrating unless it’s done out of convention, norm, or societal expectations.

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