Day 3121: Appearances

It appears that most people have many thoughts and feelings about appearances.

Here are some quotes about appearances currently appearing on-line:


What kinds of appearances do you notice in my images for today?


It appears that many of us are trying to figure out the importance of appearances.

Also, I have no idea what the appearance of this General Mills slogan (appearing at our local supermarket) means.


Here is what appears on YouTube when I search for “appearances”:

I look forward to the appearances of your comments about this post, below.

Appearances may be deceiving, but please believe all appearances of my sincere gratitude for those who help me blog every day, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 3121: Appearances

  1. Any time you make an appearance is a happy time for me, Ann!

  2. It appears that MG is onto something, Ann. I have always been afraid of the words of bad-acting people who attract the ears and loyalty of others.

  3. Loved the Window of Appearances!

  4. Leon D Fairbanks

    Making “food people” (e.g., ginger bread man) is more interesting than “making food” people (e.g., cooks, bakers).

  5. A huge thank you to the guy who felt the need to mansplain wearing make-up–and as for that slogan, all I could think of was “Soylent Green is people!!”

  6. puella33

    This makes me think of the British comedy, Keeping UP Appearances .Hyacinth was so concerned about appearances that she never could enjoy anything to the fullest.

    • I’ve never seen that show, but I saw lots of examples of it when i searched YouTube for “appearances.”

      • puella33

        It used to be on every night after ARE YOU BEING SERVED on PBS.

  7. Hello, happy orange cat!

  8. I’m worried General Mills has started making Soylent Green, but if they are the taste, like appearances, will vary from person to person.

  9. by all appearances, it seems that people enjoy your blog no matter what appears in your photo roll –

  10. Appearance is also an all too human word.

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