Day 3118: How are you going to celebrate this precious day?

As I tell people in therapy, it helps to celebrate whatever you can, especially these days.

How are you going to celebrate this precious day?

As usual, I’m going to start celebrating this day by blogging and sharing images with you.

I’m also going to celebrate this day by putting my phone down after I finish this blog post.

Here is Kool & the Gang celebrating a precious day in 2011:

As always, I celebrate each day by expressing gratitude to YOU.

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20 thoughts on “Day 3118: How are you going to celebrate this precious day?

  1. Fresh raspberries for breakfast.

  2. I’m going to walk downtown to see and support the artists who have arrived for our annual art show in spite of the odds. and, with chocolate.

  3. A very positive visit to Mum in her care home celebrated by telling my sister.

  4. I’ve celebrated by adding fresh flowers to those we already have in the house – all from our garden!

  5. I am celebrating today by blowing bubbles in the backyard with my 2-year-old granddaughter, who is quarantining with us for 2 weeks. after coming up for a visit from Seattle

  6. I would celebrate with mac and cheese ice cream if I could get some but instead I’m just happy that I have the day off from work tomorrow so I’ve spent all of this Thursday saying “It’s Friday!”

  7. puella33

    I don’t don’t think it’s a holiday tomorrow. I’m celebrating today by welcoming the sun, which I haven’t seen all week.

  8. We celebrated by traveling after work a county east to have dinner with Elisabeth and George, Ann.

  9. I celebrated today by taking a very early walk while talking to my 89-year old long distance friend. She is a dear and we try to have a morning walk “together” as often as possible. I celebrate each time we visit. 🙂

  10. I celebrated that day by going back to my own country. PR!!!!

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