Day 3115: Microadventures

Yesterday, between microadventures, I read about microadventures in the New York Times:


I’ve been on microadventures since I was a microperson, and I believe this blog is a document of the awe I feel every day, home and away.

Yesterday’s microadventures included going to a local casino for the first time and shopping at Whole Foods with my son and my husband. Even if these photos don’t fill you with a sense of awe, I hope this post is a salve for you today.

I very much enjoyed my microwinnings during yesterday’s microadventures.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “microadventures.”

What microadventures have you been on?

I am very grateful for all the microadventures I’ve been on with others, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 3115: Microadventures

  1. None for me today!

  2. Debbie T

    The casino microadventure looks like macrofun! Love that curved mirror contraption. I haven’t been to Encore but your photos make a trip there look very appealing.

  3. I feel like there are adventures everywhere. I had a small adventure when I went to get the mail this afternoon and there was a catalog from a cigar company for me. I don’t smoke so I wonder what mailing list I got on and what other wonders await. And sometimes we can have adventures without going anywhere. Your casino experience reminded me of some lines from John Ashbery’s Self Portrait In A Convex Mirror:

    “Tomorrow is easy, but today is uncharted,
    Desolate, reluctant as any landscape
    To yield what are laws of perspective
    After all only to the painter’s deep
    Mistrust, a weak instrument though

  4. puella33

    The grounds look beautiful. Was the parking expensive? Ann- Excuse me for asking. It’s s so close to where I am, yet I have never been there.

  5. I am a huge fan of micro adventures and have been doing them all of my life, though I’ve certainly come to appreciate them over time. so happy you won, and what will you do with all of your 5$? so many options, so little time… my micro adventure today was going to my beloved library which finally opened for the first time in over a year! it made me so happy

  6. I’m glad you had that Microadventure but remember to keep wearing that mask even when Fauci says it’s okay, it’s probably best to wait for the 3rd booster just to make sure, and even with this Microcosm in mind, Harley is a Macroevent, and that’s no Microanalysis.

  7. One armed bandits inspire less than awe in me. I suppose my biggest micro adventure was following my son Sam on line as he became the youngest solo rower to row any ocean when he won the Ocean Rowing Society’s race across the Atlantic at the age of 23.

  8. Yes, I sense your wonder here, big and small, every day, Ann.

  9. The casino looked like a lot of fun! I haven’t been in a casino for a number of years. I think the over-the-top decor is truly fascinating. I have microadventures all the time, too, Ann. Today I went to the beach and just watched the waves, thinking how lucky I was just to be there. I didn’t need anything else. 🙂

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