Day 3110: Be the Bee

What does “be the bee” mean? Does it mean be busy? Be hard-working? Be sweet? Be a survivor? Be useful to others?

It means that I saw this yesterday on Twitter:

Let’s be the bee as we look at my other images for today.

Are you going to be watching this video I found on YouTube by searching “be the bee”?

Starting today, I’m going to be the bee and continue to be grateful for all the helpful people I meet, including YOU!

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21 thoughts on “Day 3110: Be the Bee

  1. If you’re not careful, you might get stung by that bee. And yes Ann, I am nervous about the Delta variant, and the one that will evolve next, too, as long as there are people in our country who won’t get vaccinated and people in the world who can’t get vaccinated.

  2. I prefer being the bee to being the fly!

  3. Debbie T

    Instead of focusing on bees today, I find myself wondering if that’s the same bird that is always posing in your photos on top of rocks or posts or whatever.

  4. puella33

    I think “be the bee” when put in that Twitterman’s context ,means to carry on without having to prove yourself to anyone. I’m nervous about Delta, pissed at those who won’t get vaccinated here and around the world.. I guess I just have to be the bee and carry on,..

  5. Once in the grocery store a couple stopped me and asked me about what kind of container for honey I preferred. She liked the regular bottle. He liked the bottles shaped like bears. I agreed with her because I said “bears are scary!” Then they explained they were planning to sell their own local honey. They were gone before I could ask a very important question: “Where can I buy some of that honey?”

  6. I am very nervous about the Delta variant. Most people are here under the age of 50 are not yet double vaccinated, including my adult kids, although at least we are doing very well with first dose vaccination (now that there is supply).

    Life is like that though. We are afraid of Delta and we beat Delta. Then the new worse scary thing comes along. Everything is practiced for the next thing!

  7. That bee on the milkweed could also be a bumble bee or a carpenter bee. The carpenter bee is also very hairy, but not on its abdomen, and that’s the giveaway with their ID. Because the carpenter bee (X. virginica) builds its nests in various types of manmade wooden structures, it’s considered a pest. Nevertheless, its benefit as a pollinator far outweighs the destruction it may cause in some places.

  8. to me ‘be the bee’ means it’s perfectly fine to bumble now and then. (p.s. i’m not a great phone call returner either) text or email no problem.

  9. I find that being a pragmatic individual helps me “be the bee,” sometimes to a fault, but it is my de-fault!! I do accept things better with course adjustments along the way. I don’t often try to talk myself out of accepting “what is.” Of course, this is how I THINK I am. Others may just think I’m negative and give up too easily!

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