Day 3099: Tell me something good

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook:

Tell me something good because

  • I‘m doing a workshop about my Coping and Healing groups today and I have pre-presentation jitters,
  • I have to make a difficult speech in a business meeting today,
  • bad things happen to good people,
  • good things happen to bad people, and
  • Michael discovered yesterday that there’s a leak from our shower to the outside of our home, which can’t be good.

Tell me something good you see in my images for today.


Tell Me Something Good” is a great song by Chaka Kahn.

Tell me something good in the comments section, below.

I tell you something good at the end of each blog post by expressing my gratitude to all who help me blog every day, including YOU.

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25 thoughts on “Day 3099: Tell me something good

  1. I’m sure you nailed your presentation and difficult conversation, Ann, ‘cause you are just that good. And I am hoping the shower leak can be resolved without too much drama, ‘cause that ain’t good…😉

  2. Your post reminded me today of a poem my mother used to recite. She found it in a newspaper in 1936 when she was a newlywed and posted it (inside her kitchen cabinet door) on a cardboard along with other poetic favorites. I have that cardboard with faded and barely legible poems inside my kitchen cabinet today. “I Know Something Good About You” – poet unknown The first stanza reads: “Wouldn’t this old world be better/ If the folks we meet would say/”I know something good about you”/ and then treat us just that way?” The last stanza that’s readable says, “Wouldn’t life be lots more happy/ If we praised the good we see?/ For there’s such a lot of goodness/ In the worst of you and me.”

  3. Leon

    Your comment about the shower reminds me of something that happened at my house this year. My kitchen sink was blocked and I couldn’t unblock it so I called a plumber. He fed his snake cable down the drain, kept feeding and feeding. After a while he happened to look out the window and saw his snake outside.

    It took construction expert Deborah to explain that to me. The snake went up the air vent pipe.

  4. First laugh of the day over Little Red Riding Hood. Sometimes your pictures just relax me from the inside out…

  5. I had to do a presentation on Wednesday which is something I hate, even over Zoom, so I feel your jitters! Love that calendar page—“wolf in drag” lol!

  6. I do know that with you, Ann, there’s no such thing as small talk. And I like it.

  7. puella33

    I know you will do well in your presentation, Ann. You emit positive energy which attract listeners.

  8. I have confidence in you. While your presentation may be behind you at this time, and I’m sure you did very well, I still have confidence in you and always will.

  9. I need Harley, and that’s good.

  10. I’m sure you nailed it, and you’ve got it all over little red –

  11. I hope it isn’t too difficult to fix your shower. Just guessing, but it may be better for your house for the water to leak outside than in. Would love to hear a follow-up.

    I hope your presentation went smoothly

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