Day 3098: Are you even living?

Today’s title is inspired by the current page that is living on my Daily Bitch Calendar:

The church might have killed me 400 years ago, but I am definitely living, here and now, as I hope you can see in my other images for today.

Here are the lyrics I quoted while I was even living yesterday:

I believe in you and in myself as we continue to be even living in this world.

Are you even considering leaving a comment about this are-you-even-living blog post?

I know I’m even living when I experience gratitude for what I have, so thanks to all who are even visiting this post, here and now.

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22 thoughts on “Day 3098: Are you even living?

  1. Supposedly Kurt Vonnegut said, “Book burning shows how civilized we’ve become. Four hundred years ago they would have burned me.” Personally I’m against burning either books or people but I do wonder, if you’re so afraid feel you need to carry an AR-15 into a grocery store and paste messages about things you don’t really understand all over your car, are you really living?

  2. I wonder who Daniel N. Gilbert was, or what he did that resulted in his having a square named in his honor when he died at the age of 19.

    I think that guy who taped statements to the rear of his car is going to regret it. Over the past several months I’ve done a lot of wall repair and scraping of window glass due to my family’s habit of taping notes and photos and leaving them there. Tape is quite destructive when pulled off. Sometimes that is even true of painter’s tape, depending on what you’ve stuck it to. Maybe Opinionated Car Guy could switch to a blog?

    • Daniel Gilbert died too early in a war — those are some of the people who have squares named after them around here.

    • And I don’t think I would want to read the blog written by that opinionated guy. I am always grateful that you are living, my friend.

  3. Is that guy in the photo who is carrying a box of Oreos wearing a t-shirt that says “Hope for Bacon” on it? Bacon doesn’t seem all that hard to get if you can get Oreos. I can’t really figure it out. Is it secret code? Am I misreading? What is with a gun? Is he hunting for bacon?

    • You ask such great questions, Maureen. I can’t answer them because I can’t imagine being or living around people who find it necessary to wear assault rifles when shopping for Oreos.

  4. puella33

    I can’t comment today, because I don’t understand what ” even- living” means. I love the duck in the water.

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  6. Supposedly Kurt Vonnegut said, “Book burning shows how civilized we’ve become. Four hundred years ago they would have burned me.” Christopher, I like to ponder, really, how I may have behaved four hundred years ago. It is quite amazing, how much has changed since then. However, basically human nature is more or less still the same?
    Ann, I am always flabbergasted about how much you can pack into one day. It shows, how alive you are. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your pictures. I now published two videos from YouTube here on my site:

    I Believe in You . . .

    And I referred to your blog!

    Stay safe! Love, Uta

  7. That’s a really grim Daily Bitch today, isn’t it? LOL! I guess I prefer living a little more under the radar! Love the photos!

  8. Easy Living (Lester Young)

  9. i know i am living because every day i am happy that i wake up and get a fresh chance. anything is possible.

  10. I believe I am really living, but I also know quite a few people who are not. It’s a sad state of affairs. I am just keeping my eye focused on the happy, healthy folks around me and doing my best to (ahem) overlook the AR-15 totin’, plaster your car with inane messages kinda folks. Sigh….

  11. I sure am living. It might not look like much right now, but for me it’s about what’s going on inside rather than what I plaster on my car or carry through a store. (Yikes!) Thanks for the How To Succeed video – we put that show on in high school, but I don’t really remember much of it. Glad you’re living too.

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