Day 3096: The people who are grabbing your attention now

Who are the people who are grabbing your attention now, besides me?

I often grab people’s attention by pointing out that the people who are grabbing our attention are often the difficult ones. They grab our attention because we experience them as a problem, even a danger, and our mind wants to find a “solution” to make our environment safer.

Last night, when I thought I might lose sleep because of people who were grabbing my attention, I tweeted this:


This response to that tweet grabbed my attention:

Thank goodness, one person who was grabbing my attention yesterday was my old student, Chris Delyani, writer extraordinaire, who wishes me well and who has previously appeared in this blog (here, here, and here). I hope the word “old” doesn’t grab Chris’s attention in a negative way, because he looks great!

Chris and I grabbed each other’s attention yesterday by reminiscing about when he was a student in my writing section at Boston University in the 1980s. Now he is grabbing people’s attention with his wonderful books.

Chris and I grabbed my husband Michael’s attention when we told the story of how Chris and my other students had graded the printed directions I had given them to find my place for a celebratory party at the end of the semester. Mimicking the way I had graded and commented on their papers, they wrote (among other things):

“These directions were okay — they got us there, but we couldn’t tell how you FELT about it.”

“You show unspeakable talent… C+

Chris and my other students also grabbed my attention back then by correcting my one spelling mistake on the directions — I wrote “wonderous” instead of “wondrous.” That grabbed my attention so much that I’ve never misspelled that word since.

What grabs your attention in my other images from yesterday and why?


Is “Cool” from West Side Story grabbing your attention now?


It’s grabbing my attention now that this …

… was my attempt to photograph Michael’s attention-grabbing, very cool flounder-with-mango dish last night. Oh well.

Feel free to grab my attention with any comment you leave, below.

Images of gratitude always grab my attention, so thanks to all who helped me create today’s post, including YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Day 3096: The people who are grabbing your attention now

  1. The eyes of the clam rug grab my attention in a cool way, Ann.

  2. Ask me after my eyes open…coffee’s still brewing.

  3. puella33

    I think it’s wonderful how students remember their teachers/ professors. It’s amazing how in a teacher’- student relationship , one can learn from the other.

  4. Chris Delyani is really grabbing my attention now because he seems like a great guy and a very good author. I think it’s wonderful that Chris has gotten so much positive feedback on GoodReads.
    A few years ago a local author briefly joined the writing group I’m part of. At one meeting he spent twenty minutes complaining about all the negative reviews he’d gotten on GoodReads then read the first chapter of a novel he was working on about a school shooting. It was awful and utterly implausible, and everyone told him so. He got angry and never came back.
    I’d forgotten about him and I can honestly say I’ll probably forget about him again very soon, but Chris I will definitely remember.

  5. It’s unusual for me to be able to say that right now I can’t think of anyone who is grabbing my attention. Knowing how I roll, it won’t take long before that won’t be true! 🙂 But you always grab my attention, Ann, and I love getting to know more about your life as you share your relationships.

  6. Harley always grabs my attention.

  7. kind people never fail to grab my attention

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