Day 3095: It’s never what you expect

My husband Michael, who exceeds my expectations, often says “It’s never what you expect.”

It’s never what you expect on Twitter.

It’s never what you expect, and based on that last tweet, you wouldn’t expect that one of my most important posts of the last eight-and-a-half years (and I never expected I would blog for more than a year) is titled “Very Unique.”

Is it never what you expect when I share my photos from the day before?

It’s never what you expect, and I expected to see a photo of the amazing meal Michael prepared last night — delicious vegetarian meat loaf with mushroom sauce, couscous, and vegetables — but apparently I fucked that up.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “it’s never what you expect”:

If you were expecting some music here today, it’s never what you expect.

When I taught at Boston University over thirty years ago, I never expected that one of my students from back then would ask to have lunch with me today. Just a few months ago, I never expected that I would be dining out in a restaurant again.

It’s never what you expect and who knows what comments I’ll find when I check back later?

It’s never what you expect and how do people expect me to end my posts?

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23 thoughts on “Day 3095: It’s never what you expect

  1. Following the logic of iced tea, I’m calling it waxed paper, Ann. Although it still wants to shoot out of my mouth as waxpaper, one word, curled up in the kitchen drawers of my youth, yes.
    About that wall-hanging anxiety … After a discussion about a clock we bought in Chatham, my boss turned us onto a very nifty tool called a monkey hook. Works in the wall and on the hanging clock like a charm! Post with the clock to come.

  2. I have come to expect that nothing in life is exactly what we expect, and it is sometimes the polar opposite indeed and something we had never imagined. p.s. I’m with mark on team waxed paper, but I just found an old box in a drawer and it says wax paper. (it was Reynolds cut-rite brand, maybe a rival brand trademarked ‘waxed paper’ first? what about vaxed people vs. vax people? taxed people vs. tax people are two very different things in most cases.

  3. I expect to call it greaseproof paper!

  4. I did not expect to freak about vegetarian meatloaf with mushroom sauce today, Ann. Sounds delicious! I am going to look for a recipe

  5. puella33

    I was amused by your wise tweet to Marco Rubio.
    I never expected to see a bathroom sink on the driveway, especially when it’s not clean.

  6. When Marco Rubio reduces every major social problem to a single non-specific cause I want to stand next to him and hold up a big sign that says “CITATION NEEDED” but that’s to be expected.
    If you expected me to say I wish I could see Up The Downs you’d also be correct. I miss seeing fliers stapled to telephone poles but with so many relying on technology to get the word out it’s to be expected that old forms of communication are disappearing.

  7. You might have been one of my teachers over 30 years ago, but I opted out of BU because it was too close to home. That said, ever since I settled down across country I’ve experienced more unexpected things than I ever expected. Some very tough, and some quite amazing. Fun post!

    • That would have been amazing and unexpected if we would have met at BU, and it’s always great to meet you here!

  8. Keith Jarrett ‘Expectations’:

  9. I never know what to expect from your tweet streams, Ann, but I am always amused or nodding furiously in agreement. And your photos remain an unexpected treat, day after day, week after week. 💕

  10. I think your photos are the perfect punctuation for “unexpected” and that’s a delight. Every day seems to offer something unexpected. On balance, most are pleasant! Sometimes, like a recent plumbing issue–not so much! LOL!

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