Day 3094: Guess What

Guess what! I’m a person who loves to say, “Guess what!”

Guess what? I’m never sure how to punctuate “guess what”! It’s often written as a question (“guess what?”) but, to me, it sounds like an exclamation and a request, if not a demand (“guess what!”).

Guess what! My son Aaron and I had a conversation recently about punctuation and not caring so much about the rules.

Guess what I did on Fathers Day, 2021!

Did you guess that I tweeted, went for a walk, bought a gift for Aaron’s father Leon (who is a very talented photographer), saw a movie in a theatre for the first time since the pandemic started, ate some delicious food prepared by Aaron’s stepfather Michael, hung out with Aaron, Leon, and Michael, and took lots of photos?

Guess what movie I saw yesterday!

Guess what? I highly recommend “In the Heights.”

Guess what the Daily Bitch has to say about today?

Guess what?! I’m so grateful you’re visiting my blog, here and now.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3094: Guess What

  1. You need an interrobang – as used in How did Rasputin get in here?!

    • I never guessed there was something called an interrobang, Derrick, and guess what? I also think Aaron looks like Rasputin these days.

  2. puella33

    Guess what?! Punctuation makes a big difference in interpreting the essence of the sentence.

  3. Guess what? I needed a few smiles and laughs today and you helped provide them! Thank you.

  4. Guess what? It’s Father’s Day if you have one father, which is very special, but it’s also very special to have two fathers. And I’m sure you can guess I’m looking forward to going back to a theater. Or theatre. I never know where to put the R.

  5. Guess what? I did pick up on the clues in your photos and my guesses as to what you’ve been up to, and with whom, were correct!

  6. guess what?*&%$#! i got so many smiles from your blog today, that’s what.

    when we were little we used to ask, ‘guess what?’ when the listener would answer ‘what?’ we’d say ‘chicken butt!’ and have a great laugh. you can always keep that as an option when the occasion calls for it.

  7. Those photos of Aaron are remarkable!

  8. You don’t need to guess how hard it is to be a person with editing duties in today’s world, Ann. I am glad to see how your loved ones had such a Happy Father’s Day!

  9. Guess what, Aaron is so handsome.

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